JudeeChop – The Return #3

JudeeChop – The Return #3

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Podcast, Picasso, High Interest (1st FQ), and One Call (Nantan)

The Thang:

Conditions: 80s and lots of humidity.

YHC started the session with a soft launch of #JudeeChop conditioning (martial arts style HIIT exercises) aka pre #JC since we have pre-ruck, pre-bike, and pre-run EC.  2 PAX played and the session ended with QIC putting each PAX in a Judo Kesa Gatame pin and having them spend 1 minute fighting their way out – cardio goal reached here!

The regular bootcampers arrived; Vit D on Q.  Welcome to F3, disclaimer, warm ups then a total of 5 PAX headed to the outdoor dojo.

YHC/QIC rinsed and repeated last week’s session that was a combination of boxing and Arnis stick combative.

  1. Boxing basics: Jab, Cross, Hook, duck & Upper Cut and added a Slip.  YHC taught the slip and PAX worked it into the clock drill format as well as partner drills.
  2. Escrima stick work: description of the stick (i.e. a force multiplier), 5 slashes/lines of attack, V-step,  and 4 counters

Time and back to COT.  Vit D had smoked his crew!

YHC demonstrated to entire PAX empty hand defense against a blunt weapon (aka escrima stick).

Overall great energy, eagerness to learn and help each other get better, good fighting spirit, getting buried in a Kesa Gatame – delightful time!

Tomorrow there is no #JC.  Rousey family DR on vacation.  But YHC/#JC will be back next Saturday 7/7 at #Warthog along with special 2.0 (9 yrs. and younger) workout!










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