Juggernaut Bringing it to #BombSquad

Juggernaut Bringing it to #BombSquad

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Juggernaut (Guest Q)


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The Thang:

Posting at different AOs around the nation is one of YHC’s most enjoyable past times. It’s good to connect with other pax in other areas, see how they do things and put faces to Twitter profiles. When F3GrandStrand announced their new patch program for Guest Qs, YHC knew he had to get down there and snag a patch. The Solicitor’s Conference provided that opportunity.

YHC hit up OneCall on Twitter to see if a spot was available. He plugged me in at #BombSquad.  Monday morning arrived and away we went.


We circled up in the parking lot then moseyed over to the football field for YHC’s favorite ways to start a workout: 100 burpees. Sets of 10 with no rest between sets. Call out your sets of 10 for accountability.

There are some cats who can really get after burpees in this group. One of those guys was rocking a REDFriday shirt! Thanks for your support of our military, brother!

Once we wrapped up the burpees (GREAT WORK!), we moseyed over to one of the baseball fields. The Hero WOD “Adrian” was on tap because it was so much dang fun when we did it in TheWood.

7 rounds:
– 3 forward rolls
– 5 jump over the fence
– 7 burpees
– 9 box jumps

YHC was really impressed with how these men got after it. It wasn’t revealed that it was a hero WOD until afterward, but you couldn’t tell by the way guys were crushing the work! Some modified the rolls to bear crawls. YHC started out doing box jumps in the dugout, but after a couple of close calls with the cover of the dugout, YHC moved over to the picnic tables with the rest of the pax. A few of us then decided it would be a great idea to do the box jumps on the table instead of the bench. Four rounds of that was a total game changer for this WOD. Duly noted for next time.

Early finishers got after some v-ups and then we headed over to the parking lot.

Start at one corner. Sprint the long side of the parking lot, jog the short side, sprint the long side, jog the short side, 10 burpees. Rinse and repeat. Everyone got in at least three rounds.

We moseyed over to a nice pitch of grass adjacent to the parking lot and got after some of UncleJesse’s ab disintegrator regimen. 15 BBS, 15 American Hammer, 15 v-ups. Do 14 reps the next round and continue descending by one rep each round until time is called.

We did a quick gratitude breathing exercise then did a cool down mosey back to the flag.

After we did the count, name and prayer, YHC was informed that there was a quiz. Recite the F3 mission statement and five core principles (none of us knew that F3 was open to all men!), name five AOs in the Grand Strand (you mean there are TWO AOs in Conway?!?! ) and then get after 34 burpees in honor of Dipstick. YHC got a little help on the burpees. Everyone did 5. Aye! We still love and miss you, Dipstick!

What an incredible honor to lead these men of SC’s hottest tourist destination. The mumblechatter was awesome (though absent at certain points of the workout due to a knee extreme lack of oxygen!) and the fellowship was even better.

Thanks for allowing this reformed SadClown to put in a with you men this morning!



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