Just a Simple Beatdown.

Just a Simple Beatdown.

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The Thang:

Once again time for one of my favorite days of the week, Waverucker Monday. The request went out for bags and rucks.

YHC arrived to the stadium and started getting some stretching in. Fergie was second to arrive and started walking around the track. Apparently he was so anxious to get stated that he just couldn’t wait anymore. Just for Men arrived for his second ruck workout and just a little different from his time with Waverucker Wednesday. Jeter, Onecall and his 2.0 Scorpio arrived and we all made our way to the track.

The lights came on letting us know it was time to get to work. The sandbags were placed on the field and we did a warm up ruck with rucks only. Once we returned to the sandbags part 1 of the work out stated.


All done while wearing a ruck. 4 rounds

15 sandbag back squats

200 meter sandbag back carry

10 ruck merkins

100 meter sandbag bearhug carry

10 upright rows

100 meter Hoser carry

On the 4th round we up’d the reps by 5. So 20 squats and 15 merkins and Upright rows

We then did a recovery lap sans ruck and sandbag. Upon our return to our equipment, despite Fergie’s best effort to start a count off and get the BOM started early, we moved into a circle with our bags and rucks ready for part 2 of the beatdown.


Superset 4 rounds

15 sandbag floor press

15 merkins (slick)

Superset 4 rounds

15 sandbag bent over rows

10 sandbag plank pull throughs

1 round

15 ruck Z press ( and overhead press while your on your knees)

10 ruck single rem struck press

Time was call. The pax circled up for BOM. YHC closed in prayer.

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Prayer Requests: Castaways family, Onecalls cousin.