Just Add ‘Inator’

Just Add ‘Inator’

Workout Date:





Chicken Little, Manziel, Tweestie, Viagra

The Thang:

Conditions: 57 Degrees; Clear.

1 minute warning and disclaimer provided.


SSH -20x
TTT – 20x (Started slow for a good stretch then sped up)
Burpees – 5x
Leg Things – 20x (Will update when I remember the name)
Hillbillies – 20x
Burpees _ 5x
LBAC Forward (Small, Bigger, Biggest) – 10x Each
LBAC Reverse (Small, Bigger, Biggest) – 10x Each
Burpees – 5x
Windmills – 20x (Started slow for a good stretch then sped up)
Squats – 25x (I couldn’t remember how to count cadence for these so Tweetsie picked up my slack.)
Burpees – 5x

Line up on the line in the parking lot and go to the other side.
Toy Soldiers
Burpees – 5x
Karaoke back and forth
Burpees – 5x
Super Marios back and forth
Burpees – 5x

Mosey to the tennis courts at the park. We start with something new I brought with me from the Black Mountain AO called Merkinaters. That is where you begin with 10 SSH then 10 SSH with your hands half way up and then another 10 SSH with your hands not moving. When complete you do 10 merkins and then repeat with 9 then 8 the 7 and so on. We rotated who was leading for each count. Then we mosied over to the other side of the tennis court and did several different exercises. First one was the crab walk, then lunges then backwards and a few more. After each exercise we stopped and did 5 Burpees. From there we went to the other side of the tennis courts and did Squatinaters. They are the same as the Merkinaters except with squats instead of merkins. We had some fun changing up the speed and seeing who could keep up and changing up the SSH from legs out to legs front and back. After a mosey around the tennis courts and we lined up and did sprints. Then Viagra mentioned Crunchinaters so we did them. Time was running short so we started with 5 instead of 10 and worked down to 1.

Mosied back to the AO and did Turkish Getups and Tweetsie finished us off with a plank tap.

Thanks all for the help. God bless all of us.