Just Another Unhinged Bivalve Molluscs

Just Another Unhinged Bivalve Molluscs

Workout Date:



Brown Bag QIC


Billy Blanks (2.0), Surf-N-Turf, Spicoli, Swiper, Butch, Bed Pan, Blooper, Manziel (Respect), Cross-Stitch, Bubbles, Einstien, Karma, Hard Hat, Banjo, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:

38* Feels Like 33* PERFECT!


YHC knew there’d be some extra time this morning so it made sense to Q The Oyster. An added bonus was that the Browns/Raiders game got rescheduled to today so YHC reached out to all the known PAX that are Raiders fans and personally invited them to the upcoming misery. Only one showed up and then when he saw my stout Browns workout shirt he ran away. Oh well, that’s how the game will go later today too!


One minute warning was given, the proper disclaimer was recited and at 0530 it went like this…



25 IW IC

25 Plank Jacks IC



YHC asked who the newest PAX was. It was Einstein. YHC and Einstein recited the F3 Mission Statement together, wedding style.

20 LBAC in Reverse IC

At this point, YHC asked Karma to name one of the Core Principles and got a very longwinded ‘Open to All Men’ response. Well, that set the mood moving forward.

15 Cherry Pickers IC


Let’s Mosey


We went around the corner and stopped for 25 Mountain Climbers IC

YHC shared that the official Core Principle #2 is the F3 is Open to All Men. There is no reference to age. (Just ask Slaughter).


Let’s Mosey


Stopped at the Bocce Ball courts for 100 Rocky Balboa’s OYO


Let’s Mosey


Stopped for 25 Tempo Squats IC


Let’s Mosey


Stopped for 10 Burpees OYO


Let’s Mosey


Stopped for 25 Plank Jacks IC and 25 Jump Squats OYO

Some talk about all kinds of leaders, some very good, some very bad. 



Let’s Mosey


Stopped at the Tennis Courts for 4 Corners


Corner 1


Lunge Walk

Corner 2

25 Mountain Climbers OYO


Corner 3

25 Flutters  OYO

Lunge Walk

Corner 4

25 Wide Arm Merkins OYO


Lined up on the doubles line for a Suicide Run. Touch every line on both courts.


Let’s Mosey


Stopped at a SSB Christmas Decoration for an all-out sprint to the next decoration. 


Continued our Mosey back to the flag.


Circled up on our six.


15 Flutters IC

15 Heels to Heaven IC

15 Hello Dolly’s IC


Everybody hold AlGore

15 Air Press in Squat Position IC


Plank – Variety


7 Burpees OYO




Count-o-rama – 15




Bombsquad Anniversary 1/1/2022

FreedToBleed 2/3/2022


Prayers Shared


YHC prayed us out.


Always a Blessing and an Honor to Lead


Brown Bag 




Over and Out!


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