Just the 2 of us

Just the 2 of us

Workout Date:





Bling, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC grabbed this Q with big plans in mind and tried to recruit some HCs on Slack Sunday afternoon. Hoser, OneCall, and apparently Boxcar had work obligations, but surely our ruckers who just finished the 26 mile JAX Star Course would show up and show off their new patches, right? That is assuming they actually earned those patches – still no pics to back up the claim! Flop appreciated the invite, Rousey needed more recovery, Penelope just didn’t want to, and Quaker was silent. Thankfully Bling gave me a HC, so it was looking like more quality one-on-one time with Bling after we spent last weekend together in DC for the Marine Corps marathon. YHC rolled in at 0455 to an empty parking lot and Bling pulled in shortly after. We headed to the field and when the lights flashed on got to work.

Ruck 2 laps to warm up

Starting at the goal line proceed to the other end of the field stopping every 10 yards for ruck squats.
2 at the 10yd line, 4 at the 20, etc up to 20 at the far goal line
Come back in the same fashion with ruck curls, but
1 at the 10yd line, 2 at the 20, etc up to 10 at the far goal line

Ruck 2 laps

Back to the goal line
OH carry ruck with 1 OH press at the 10, 2 at the 20, up to 5 at the 50, then back down to 4 at the 40, etc
Head to the bleachers for 50 step ups (25 each leg)

Ruck 2 laps
Halfway through the 2nd lap we noticed a rocket’s contrail in the sky so diverted and walked across the field to get a better view – Google search hasn’t turned up any info this morning
Back at the goal line, calf raises to the far end
2 at the 10yd line, 4 at the 20, etc up to 20 at the far goal line
These burned more than expected, so we rucked back down the field to the large blue pad for Hungarian Squats – 10 each leg

Ruck 4 laps to finish out the morning

Time called