Just the two of us

Just the two of us

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Texas Ranger, OneCall

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Mid-50’s and nice

Hoser needed a Q. I needed the accountability so took it. TR HC’d and so it was written.

Had several plans depending on who showed. It was the two of us so slightly modified for a great beatdown along with some catching up, fellowship, etc. TR is super pumped to be 1st F Q with Hamburglar as they get ready to storm all the AO’s and continue to plant, grow, and serve!!! Excited to see what the region has in store!

1 minute warning and disclaimer and we threw on our rucks, grabbed 1 sandbag and headed to the bridge as Candy Cane and Tiny Dancer took off running for Elevation Run Day. Modified things in my head with 2 PAX as we rucked so we left the bag at the bottom of the bridge and rucked over to the “starting GO line”.

OH hold ruck and go up 100 meters. Face uphill and do 10 ruck swings, 10 curls, 10 tricep extensions. Same thing next 100 meters and then the next 100 meters. Smoked our shoulders! Regular ruck back to start.

Front ruck and go up 100 meters. Face uphill and do 10 squats and 30 calf raises (10 straight feet, 10 outward, 10 inward). Same thing next 100 meters and then the next 100 meters. Smoked our legs and calves! Regular ruck back to start.

Right arm farmer carry and go up 100 meters. Hold ruck overhead with left arm and march in place 20 steps. This was from some kettlebell stuff and it works better with the KB as you have to hold them up and really work the core, legs, and shoulders. With the ruck somewhat resting on our forearms, not as good. So we only went up another 100 meters to do it again rather than 3 rounds. Regular ruck back to start and then do that with left arm farmer carry and right hand hold 2 x 100 and then regular ruck back to start.

Zelcher/Hoser carry (still not sure which is the correct name – but hold ruck out in front with arms bent at 90 degrees) 100 meters. 10 oblique side raises right, 10 left, 10 halos with ruck (5 each side). Rinse and repeat at the 200 meters and at the 300 meters. This crushed the biceps and core!

We rucked back to the sandbag. TR carried it in for our final set. He did 10 cleans with the bag while I did amrap merkins and then we switched. Put everything away; the runners came in hot and we finished up with our BOM!

Prayer requests for Castaway’s mom and wife; and for my cousin battling ALS.

– Freed to Bleed this Friday the 24th. Sign up!
– 4 year anniversary of Catapult tomorrow. Rousey on Q.
– Over the edge thing of Jeter’s and his mom
– Get those Kotters back out!

– Great time this am with TR. He is pumped to bring his 1st F prowess to the region, along with Hamburglar. Lots of growth on the horizon and great things for this awesome leadership team taking the reigns!!!!