Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple

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Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Drifter, Crabs

The Thang:

With holiday travels, cold weather, and little to no talks about posting on slack or text i figured it was gonna be just Drifter and me for the beatdown this morning, but to my surprise I saw Crabs waiting as I finished my 5K prerun. While we were talking and catching up with Crabs I instructed pax to grab some blocks and line up on the goal line.

COP: 15 SSHs, 15 tempo squats, and 22 merkins

Today i felt like keeping it simple but getting a tough workout in so the workout was 21s with blockees on one goal line and BBSUs on the other. We started with 1 blockee going to 20 BBSUs just because the pax still couldnt wrap their head around doing 20 blockees so i figured we would ease into it. Mumblechatter started off strong but quickly died out as we were just trying to beat the clock and finish. Time was called and the clock won or really it saved us all since we were all struggling on our round with 16 blockees and 5 BBSUs. Even though we didnt finish all got better and there is a good chance Crabs wont be back haha.

Prayers: Safe Travels

YHC prayed us out