Kenny G Would Be Proud

Kenny G Would Be Proud

Workout Date:





Beaker, Brownbag, Weasel, Enron, Cubby, Viagra, Kapow, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: TimeShare

Conditions: 36 Degrees

Apparently the PAX are a bit different on the Northend. They only listen to Guns N Roses every couple of years and Kenny G is a crowd favorite!! Even though their music preferences are questionable, these men are hardcore; they push themselves and each other. Whatever YHC threw at them they took it in stride and never complained once.

After my last visit to Timeshare (100% Burpees workout with sprints for recovery),See “The First 71 Burpees are the Hardest” BackBlast (1/3/19), YHC wasn’t too sure if anyone would post when they saw YHC’s name on the Qsheet! So to avoid the possibility of a Solo Q, I asked Brownbag if he would like to join me for the beatdown!(#fledgling bromance???) . . . He jumped at the opportunity and we agreed to meet at 6am and Clowncar to the AO. As I formulated my Weinke I recalled from Brownbag’s recent Beatdowns that he has the Midas Touch with music mixes and YHC asked if he so kindly would add the Beats to the Beatdown . . .once again he jumped at the chance!

We made excellent time traveling to NM and arrived almost 15 minutes prior to the schedule 6:30 start time. At first we were the only PAX at the AO but as time approached, Cubby rolled in, then Viagra & Enron. Weasel posted next, followed by Beaker. So far so good. Rumor had it that a Clowncar from just across our border to the North (not Canada, you hoser!) brought 3 regulars on Saturday Mornings. And then as if on que, Kapow can rollin’ down Main Street! Unfortunately (or fortunately) he was a only 1 Man Gang. The PAX were set as the the 1 Minute Warning was given and Brownbag struck up YHC’s intro music  . . . “Welcome to the Jungle!” The energy in the air felt more like a  sporting event then a beatdown (picture your favorite WWE Wrestler coming down isle), the only thing that was missing was a fog machine!! #maybenexttime

6:29 – 1 Minute Warning

6:30;  – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 SSH IC; 10 Merkins IC; 15 TTT IC; 10 Merkins IC; 15 Windmills IC; 10 Merkins IC; 15 Hillbillies IC; 10 Merkins IC; 22 Merkins IC #22Kills; 15 Tempo Squats IC; 10 Merkins; 15 Little Baby Arm Circles IC; 10 Merkins; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC; 10 Merkins IC; 15 Cherry Pickers IC; 10 Merkins IC  . . . . . . . (Total Merkins = 102)


YHC gave the PAX a choice this morning between starting the beatdown with Jacobs Ladder or a Ring of Fire . . .no one was really sure what Jacob’s Ladder was so the PAX chose it!! We retrieved a paver for each PAX from the back of YHC’s truck and lined up  shoulder to shoulder in the middle of the parking lot. YHC brought coupons just in case the AO did not have a coupon pile of their own. YHC did discover, however, that there does exist a northern coupon pile, but it smell of cat urine!! #nothanksIllbringmyown

Jacob’s Ladder

Curls – 5 reps . . . mosey to end of parking lot;

Curls – 5 reps + Overhead Press – 10 reps . . . mosey back to center of parking lot

Curls – 5 reps + Overhead Press – 10 reps + 15 Tricep Extensions . . . mosey to end of parking lot

5 Curls  + 10 Overhead Press + 15 Tricep Extensions + 20 Block Swings . . . mosey to center

5 Curls  + 10 Overhead Press + 15 Tricep Extensions + 20 Block Swings + 25 Block Squats

What goes up most come down . . . mosey to end of parking lot

25 Block Swings + 20 Block Swings + 15 Tricep Extensions  + 10 Overhead Press + 5 Curls . . . mosey to center of parking lot

20 Block Swings + 15 Tricep Extensions  + 10 Overhead Press + 5 Curls . . . mosey to end of lot

15 Tricep Extensions  + 10 Overhead Press + 5 Curls . . . mosey to center of parking lot

10 Overhead Press + 5 Curls . . .mosey to end of lot

5 Curls

Mosey to Parking Lot next to the beach . . . Brownbag please grab the speaker . . .as we mosey we discussed 80’s Pop Songs with a strong emphasis on Kenny G

Ring of Fire – 8 Rounds . . . each PAX calls out an exercise and leads first set of maximum 10 reps. . . then next PAX leads maximum of 10 reps of called exercise until each PAX in the circle leads the exercise

Exercise #1 – Mountain Climbers (Quaker)

Exercise #2 – BBS (Viagra)

Exercise #3 – Merkins (Envon)

Exercise #4 – SSH (Cubby)

Exercise #5 – Flutterkicks (Beaker)

Exercise #6 – Squats (Weasel)

Exercise #7 – Burpees (Kapow)

Exercise #8 – American Hammers (Brownbag)

Mosey back to Shovel Flag

Pallet Pushers – PAX #1 calls out exercise and pushes Pallet across parking lot while remaining PAX do called exercise AMRAP

Exercise #1 – SSH (Quaker)

Exercise #2 – Imperial Walkers ( Viagra)

Exercise #3 – Burpees (Beaker)

Exercise #4 – Merkins  (Kapow)

Exercise #5 – TTT (Envon)

Exercise #6 – BBS (Cubby)

Exercise #7 – Al Gore (Weasel)

Exercise #8 – Plank (Brownbag)

3 minutes left – No Time for the Weary

Blockee for Everyone!!

All PAX give final push of BombSquad Manmakers (Blockees) AMRAP

Time Called



Announcements: (1) Merkin Challenge for month of February ; (2) Dragonboat Races – see Brownbag for details (Slack & Website); (3) P200 – have 12 HC looking for 3-4 more just in case ($$ is due to Hottub ASAP); (4) Get on Q sheet!; (5) Q at different AO’s

Prayers for Beaker’s M and praise for Brownbag’s Daughter’s recognition to President’s List at USC



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