Kickin’ The Dust Up!

Kickin’ The Dust Up!

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Sunshine, Backdraft, Hottub, Skimmer, Bling, One Call, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC was super excited to Q Hulkamania this Friday! The Hulkamania use to be group led since its inception 3 years ago, however, the PAX  over the past month have unanimously approved & implemented a Q format. With the Q format in place, we hope to add variety and creativity to each week’s run.  Kitten has picked up 2 of the Q’s thus far  and led the PAX through new neighborhoods and along different roads while Hottub Q’d up a great Bridge Workout (3 years in the making)! Keep your eyes peeled . . .these backblasts will soon be posted! #AmIRight?

Because the last 3 Q’s were so strong and well executed, YHC felt the pressure. Could YHC deliver a unique Q while remaining true to to my fellow Hulkamaniacs? It’s kinda easy, right? This is a running group, so as long as YHC keeps the PAX running everything should fall into place. Even so, YHC 2 days prior did a trial run in the afternoon to scope out new locations and make sure the times would fall within our designated 45 minute time frame.

YHC arrived at the Hulk at 5:10 and was pleasantly surprised to see both Sunshine & Backdraft congregating in the lot. Backdraft has been on the IR list for nearly 3 maybe 4 months but he has recovered and was at Wednesday’s beatdown at BombSquad. During the COT, as always Hulkamania Friday was announced . . . all PAX get excited for this announcement: some see it as there rest day, others are reminded to attend BeachBells, while others start counting down to the best beatdown of the week, #CasualFridays. The Hulkamaniacs on the other hand get a wild look in their eyes and a smile on their face in anticipation of running faster and further then anyone else in the region! When the announcement was made, Backdraft ‘got the look’ and I knew he would be joining us this Friday!!

Light stretches were done as headlamps & music was adjusted for the upcoming run. Next to arrive was One Call & Bling! They would be rucking some elevation in preparation for the 50 mile ruck coming up in the next week or so! Maybe after the 50 miler, they’ll join us for a run!! #TimeWillTell. At the 1 minute warning, Hottube came in hot and it looked as if we would be 1 PAX shy of the 7 HC’s YHC requested from last nights twitter push! Side note: every PAX was impressed by Backdraft’s delux headlamp . . .it was BIG and bright!! #BeamEnvy

5:15 – AC/DC was cranked up and we were off into the Gloom. The Ruckers went south down the dirt service road into the Hulk, while the Hulkamaniacs proceeded north along Frontage Road.

Normally we run Frontage Rd under the bridge and then take a hard left onto Col. Bob Bell Path but today instead of making a left we took a hard right onto a gravel road that led to a new walking/running park along the Intercoastal Waterway. Once in the park, the trail leads to a large circular loop around a dry lake bed. The park is adjacent to The Battery and would serve as our warm up before the main event! After completing the full loop we were back on the gravel road and headed out of the park, crossed Frontage Road, and started to ascend Col. Bob Bell Path.  This path leads up along Route 31, then International Drive and up and over the bridge (Mt Zeb) that spans the Intercoastal Waterway. As we ran up the west side of the bridge, YHC pointed out markers such as street signs, cones, and trees which were spaced about 50 yards apart. On the east side of the bridge the markers were the yardage markers painted on the path. All told there were 15 markers noted.

When we got to the starting line on the bottom of the east side of the bridge YHC gave the PAX the option to start with marker #1 or #15. PAX deferred to YHC and we started with marker #15 which was 50 yards away.

We ran to the 50 yard marker then back to the start, without stopping, then ran up to the 100 yard marker and back to the start. Etc, Etc.  When we reached the 200 yard marker (Marker #11) we saw Skimmer coming down the the bridge towards us. He thought the start time was 5:30, so he was just a little late.  Skimmer jumped right in and bumped the PAX total up to 7!!

As we 1st began our bridge work, a group of ladies were working out, too. “Are you guys F3??”  . . .”Yes” . . . Did it show?  Was it our physiques or stimina that gave it away?? No . . . it was written on our shirts!!! Anyway the girls kept us motivated as we ascended and descended the bridge. We completed 6 rotations up and down the bridge. After hitting the 350 marker we head back and passed One Call & Bling as they proceed to conquer Mt. Zeb. We continued on back over the bridge to the start.  Side Note: Workout Ladies harassed the Rucker, “Why aren’t you two running?”  . . . “Uh, we’re carrying heavy things” was the reply.  The questioning must have hit a nerve b/c One Call & Bling supposedly sprinted up and over the bridge for their return trip.

At the start we, Hulkamaniacs, assembled under the Hulk Sign for a quick 10 count. With approximately 12 minutes left we went off road again and ran up the hill to ‘Crop Circles’ down the other side and on to the service road that the Ruckers had begun with. When Skimmer, Sunshine, & YHC reached the service road, we realized that we had lost Backdraft & Hottub somewhere in the woods. We doubled back the way we came for search and rescue but to no avail. When we reached our vehicles we saw in the distance 2 PAX running up the service road!!!  We all turned and ran to meet them and bring them home!!

Total miles ran – 4.5 to 5.0 miles

Total miles rucked – 3.36

Time Called! 6:00

As we circled up for the COT, Bling & One Call joined us for prayers and fellowship!

Prayers: Hottube’s 2 friends Mark & Mark who are both battling cancer; Prayers for Hottube’s Daughter & Bobsled who each have medical testing this week; Prayers for Sunshine’s Practice Personnel & Associate; Prayers for Quaker’s M & 2.0 who are traveling to DC this week for National History Day – National Competition. Prayers unspoken.

Moleskin: It was a great push today by everyone. Great to have One Call & Bling join us. Maybe we’ll even pull them away from BeachBells or Rucking once and awhile for a well deserved run. It was an honor to lead. Thanks for the support!



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