Ladders in the Park & Quarter Pounders in the Alley!

Ladders in the Park & Quarter Pounders in the Alley!

Workout Date:





Beaker, Barbie, Peterbuilt, Chewy, Hulk (Greenville)

The Thang:

69 degrees

1 minute warning
The DISCLAIMER was given


Mosey to parking lot next to the park

  • SSHx20
  • TTTx20
  • windmills x20
  • LB arm circles x 20
  • Rev arm circles x 20

Here was the THANG

Short mosey to picnic pavilion for Ladders in the park

  • Round 1-  20 dips, 1 squat – 19 dips, 2 squats etc
  • Round 2 – Dora in Park –  Partnered up (Peterbuilt and Hulk) (Chewy, Barbie and Beaker) Partner 1, down on 6’s for inverted Flutter kicks X 200 (single count) while partner runs 25 yards and back.
  • Round 3 – Back to the Picnic Pavilion for more ladders in the Park 10 step ups, 1 squad – 9 step ups, 2 squats, etc…. running out of time, modified rep count.

Just before we finished round 3, Peterbuilt used his Jake brake and quickly got us moving in a new direction; leading us on a short Mosey to the tennis courts, where he served up a game  of 4 corners  with Merkins, squats, mountain climbers and american hammers x25.  After each, he had us head to the center of the court for 5 burpees! Rinse and repeat until all 4 stations were complete.

With a short 10 count, he moved us out, back to the parking lot where we began a fun game of burpee lot…(lunge lot for those of us with shoulder injury.)  for  30 lines 30 burpees down and back. With about 10 minutes remaining, Peterbuilt took us to the alley for a quarter pounder beatdown.

  • (alley light pole #1) 25 yards and 25 merkins sprint back to start
  • (alley light pole #2) 50 yards 50 squats
  • (alley light pole #3) 75 yards 75 mountain climbers
  • (alley light pole #4) 100 yards 100 SSH

We had some hairballs flying during our alley beatdown… (not calling anyone out…you know which super hero it was)

Mosey back to the flag!


Count-O-Rama – 5


Prayer requests Spring Roll

Prayer requests Snuggles positive results from blood work and healing.

Prayer requests Stacey Goodman – continued healing from surgery and subsequent complications.

Prayer requests AO launch in Manning/Sumter

BOM by Chewy


Thanks for joining us from Greenville – Hulk!

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