Launch of WaveRucker! Yeah its cold so what!?!

Launch of WaveRucker! Yeah its cold so what!?!

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Rousey, Hoser

The Thang:

The decision has been made to move WaveRucker from nomad status to permanent status and what better home then right here at the Warthog AO. YHC assumed that all the usual suspects would be there to help celebrate this joyous occasion. I got up this morning and put on layer over layer to combat the 30 degree temperature and drove to the AO full of vigour and thoughts about how awesome this was going to be.

At the AO the pax were waiting with bated breath to get things kick off it was like kids at Christmas. Lets see Rousey was stretching his knee out and.. um.. yeah he was the only one there. While some of the pax told me they weren’t going to make it due to personal reasons the majority of pax just didn’t show up. Guess the cold scared them off. Anyway luckly we don’t need a certain number to take advantage of a glorious morning the God has given us.

Rousey and I rucked up and started heading to the beach. Once at the beach we stretched out our arms and legs then the beatdown began. We marked off an area of 25 yards in the dry sand. The workout was a 21 minute AMRAP call The Normandy WOD. It consisted of 6 burpees, 6 squats, 19 merkins, 44 2 count flutter kicks. We then would mosey or double time to the 25 yards and repeat.

After the 21 minutes we rucked back to the AO. Where we finished with BOM and COT

While we might not have had high numbers it was still great to spend time with a brother and get some hard work in. Thank you Rousey for showing up this morning. Next WaveRucker date is 12/20 0430 at Warthog.

Prayer Request: Pax dealing with chest congestion, colds, and flu. Pax dealing with work issues. Family members needing Gods wisdom and guidance.

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