Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

Workout Date:



Sunshine, Crankbait, Handy Manny, Kitten, Quaker


Sunshine, Crankbait, Handy Manny, Kitten, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 59 degrees, balmy

Start Time: 5:10

Quaker pulled into the Hulk to find Sunshine awaiting our run on “Freedom Friday”. Shortly thereafter Crankbait and Handy arrived in the Gloom; greetings; stretching OYO. Sunshine & Quaker discussed how they both awoke at 4am in anticipation for the run. Chatter from Sunshine and Crankbait about the upcoming Swampfox Adventure Race(March 2018). 30 seconds to Go Time as Kitten (twitterless) rolled up to complete the PAX.

No Minute Warning

We were off!

1.67 miles & 14 minutes later we arrived at the Village and 4 awaiting PAX and 1 FNG (Welcome “Sleepless”). Kitten was on Q. After a quick visit to his litterbox, the 1 Minute warning was given. Barkley came in hot as the Proper Disclaimer was given and the Beatdown commenced.

3-2-1 AROD; Back Pedals; 1-2-3 Dora; Bearcrawls; Mosey’s ; Burpee Tabata’s – – – all in all 3.15 Miles logged during the Beatdown!

Time Called


Announcements: Christmas Party (12/9/17); Ugly Sweater Convergence (12/16/17); Fill-up the Q Sheet. . .


Ol’ Glory was lifted high as we ran back (1.67 miles) to the Hulk! . . .Just 1 Honk, but, no worries . . . “Let Freedom Ring!!”




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