Let’s Get Physical

Let’s Get Physical

Workout Date:



Hedgehog (Birthday Q)


Killington, Bikini Wax, Brown Bag (1x R), Hojo, O'Douls, First Base, Kiwi (1x R), Sprinkles, Laces

The Thang:

Conditions: 74, HUMID

With only 2 HCs there was concern that nobody would show up to my birthday party. But at 1 minute warning we had 9 and then Laces finished up lacing up his shoes and moseyed over to make it 10 PAX.

F3 Misson was said (nailed it) and disclaimer given.

In honor of my birthday we listened to the Billboard Hits from 1982. Olivia Newton-John got us started off right as we SSH’d to Physical. Feeling like you were in a music video was a good feeling, we were just missing the head bands and leg warmers. Good mumble chatter from the beginning.



SSH x15 IC

Harry Rockettes x10 IC (kinda)

SSH x15 IC

TTT (w. back clap) x15 IC

SSH x15 IC

Cherry Pickers x15 IC

SSH x15 IC

LBACs x15 IC

LBACs (Reverse) x15 IC

SSH x15 IC

Mosey to Cross, we briefly left 1982 and I changed the music to The Squat Song (with MOTi). We did Bobby Hurleys during “Now Squat, Jump Up” and Rocky Balboas during the interlude. Woah. I Q’d it so I did it, but man…..

Mosey around the building to coupon pile

Mosey with coupons over to field where I had set up cones.


Tunes from ’82 were fired back up and instruction was given to stop, drop and Merkin OYO whenever Happy Birthday song came on.


Exercises were OYO:

Start at 1st cone:

-25 curls for the girls

-lunge walk to 2nd cone

-25 squats

-bear crawl back to 1st cone

-25 over head presses

-lunge walk to 2nd cone

-25 (2count) mountain climbers

-bear crawl back to 1st cone

10-count recovery

-25 tricep extensions

-karaoke to 2nd cone

-25 LBC’s

-mosey back to 1st cone

-25 bent over rows

-karaoke to 2nd cone

-25 LBC’s

-mosey back to 1st cone

10 count recovery

-repeat of all 4 block exercises but carried coupon to other cone in between each

return coupons and meet at flag.



Circled back up at flag. We have 3 VQ’s in the next 3 weeks. Each PAX who has a VQ (Killington, Bikini Wax, and Sprinkles) called 2 Mary exercises and worked on callout and counting. Good mumble chatter and Sprinkles definitely proved that once a Marine always a Marine (thanks for your service!).


Stretch: OYO


Count-O-Rama: 10

Name-O-Rama (yes I remembered that I am now 39!)



2.0 workouts continue tonight at WWP Clubhouse, 6pm

June 10 – Killington VQ (Catapult)

June 12th – F3 Grand Strand Convergence (Warthog) 7am

June 15 – Bikini Wax VQ (Catapult)

June 17th – Kiwi Birthday Q (entering Double Respect Club, Catapult)

July 1st – Sprinkles VQ (Catapult)

July 16th – Freed to Bleed

Upcoming Spartan races were discussed, check slack for details

Catapult start time is changing to 5:30am on 6/21 for Summer


Prayer Requests:

Brown Bag mentioned 33 year old teacher who was killed in bicycle accident, mother of 3.

YHC Prayed us Out.


Honored to Lead and thanks for the support.




“Let’s get physical, physical. I wanna get physicalllllllll…”

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