Lightening all around

Lightening all around

Workout Date:



Grass patch


Butterfly, Peach, Wonton, Grunt

The Thang:

59 with rain, thunder and lightening

5:14 One Minute Warning called

5:15 Disclaimer

25 SSH – IC
20 Imperial Walkers – IC
20 Windmills – IC
20 Hillbillies – IC
20 TTT – IC

The Thang
11’s – 10 Carolina Dry Docks run and 1 American Hammer – Always adding up to 11.

Next we all lined up and each PAX would perform 1 Burpee while the others critiqued form. Then 2 burpees all the way down the line, all the way up to 7. Sure there is rest while other perform the exercise, but all eyes are on the one to make sure of the count and form.

Same format, but merkins is the exercise while each PAX stays in plank position. Next time squats will be the exercise, all together, but a round of 5, 10, 15, and 20. While more Carolina Dry Docks in between sets. This format really gave us a chance to build each other up!

Two laps around the parking lot for some cardio!

25 Flutterkicks – IC
50 LBCs – OYO
25 Heels to Heaven – OYO
25 American Hammers – OYO

I’m sure many PAX stayed in today because of the weather, and I was tempted too, but I knew men would be waiting on me when I arrived at the AO. Four of them to be exact. We made sure to keep our eye on the lightening and it got close a few times, but by the end of the workout, the weather was perfect.

Announcements – numerous opportunities to post throughout F3 Grandstrand

Prayer request and close it out with BOM


Butterfly, Wonton, Peach, Grunt, Grasspatch (QIC)

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