LIII (or 53)

LIII (or 53)

Workout Date:





Geno, Lombardi, Corkscrew, Boom Boom, Ringo, Valvano, Hoser, Stewy, Bubbles, Headgear, Weedeater, Hamburglar, Bling

The Thang:

When Lombardi asks for Q’s to fill the sheet, we all answer, and quickly so not to upset him…..  So give me the 5th!

watching the terrible Super Bowl the other night, thinking about my Q (I recommend 48 hr ahead of time for solid Qing) and preparing the beatdown.  wanted to do something off the score=reps.  but after watching this game, and the 22 punts, I couldn’t!  So, went off 53 (or LIII) for reps.  Forewarned the group on the Warthog Slack channel to wear your running shoes- apparently no one either listens or reads Slack channels…..

got to the AO early, wanted to “drive” the route to make sure I knew where we were rolling!  All rolled in on time, even Geno, disclaimer given. GO


20 IW IC


stretch, neck rolls, trunk rolls.  Give the PAX the gist of the workout.  We will mosey to different areas of MC and do 53 reps of exercises.

mosey to the other side of bridge- 33 squats/20 merkins

mosey to Roasted Bean- 33 calf raises/20 plank jacks

mosey to top of parking deck (via stairs) 33 mountain climbers (2 ct)/ 20 jump squats

mosey to bottom of deck (via decline) and wall sit/rest/wait for PAX

mosey to movie theater 33 LBC’s/20 step ups (on benches)

mosey to back of Gordon Biersch 33 Rocky B/20 CDD

mosey to Valor park- 33 Am Hammer/ 20 BBSU

mosey to the bridge (on the Far East side) plank on 6

mosey to Savannah’s playground 33 flutters (2ct) 20 incline merkins

mosey to picnic tables- 33 dips/20 decline merkins.

Time check at 0610.

circle up- 53 SSH IC and jailbreak the 100 yards to the lot.  TIME.  Great push by all.  I realize it was a lot of running, track it at 2.7 total,  Appreciate the PAX picking up the 6 at every point reached- lots of solid mumble chatter and encouragement.  nothing but solid dudes here….

announcements- Fill up Q sheet, get out and visit/Q other AO’s.  Waverucker tomorrow at 0430.

prayers- great to hear the PAX speaking up and asking/informing the group.  Geno talked about a dear friend losing her life last week, Hoser with a family friend going thru marital issues, the Jemisons and their health issues, Headgear’s dad,  Boom Boom’s wife Kara health, Dipstick and family.   We are a brotherhood that workouts together and prays together.

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