Little bit of everything!

Little bit of everything!

Workout Date:





Cyclone, Lombardi (RESPECT), Bling, Hamburglar, Karma, Castaway, Jeter, Humpback, Brown Bag (RESPECT), Pikachu, Boxcar, Penelope, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

50’s – real nice

#ThePlank is such a great AO…I mean, it was forged from the irons of #ElevationMonday!  I was excited to Q Tuesday, and then Jingles had his farewell Q at #WH, so Castaway graciously agreed to swap.  Seemed like good numbers were to be had, and they were, with 13 studs showing up!  After a pre-run with Hamburglar and Boxcar – yeah – shocker that YHC was the slowest of the 3 – where we ran 1 lap and then walked a lap and improved with each round thanks to the knowledge of the other 2 sharing with me!  2 miles.  Thanks dudes!  We were finishing up as men started to show….so I couldn’t sneak away to the car and curl up and die.  Karma says – “OneCall is a runner”.  No…not hardly…lol..but trying to accelerate in that aspect cause of this BRR thing Valvano made me HC for.

1 minute warning and disclaimer

SSH x 20 IC
IW x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 single count
Flutters x 20 IC
Diamond merkins x 10 single count
LBCs x 20 IC
Wide Arm Merkins x 10 single count
BBSUs x 10 OYO

To the track.
Run a lap
To the steps – up and down each flight each step (4)
Head back each flight
Plank or LBC’s on 6.  The rabbits were waiting on some of us in great plank form!

Run another lap the other way!
To the steps – up and down each flight – every other step!
Head back each flight – every other step
This was a killer as the plank or LBC turned into lay around – which YHC was glad for!

Had everyone grab a cinderblock and meet up on the goal line
Curl block 5x
OH block hold walk 10 yards
Curl 5x
Continue every 10 yards
50 total reps – thanks for the quick math help Hamburglar
LBC’s on 6
50 LBCs OYO once all ready

Head back, same thing, just do tricep extensions instead
LBC’s on 6
50 LBCs OYO once all ready

Suicides – 10 side to side OH block press on goal line
To 25 and back
10 press
To 50 and back
10 press
To other 25 and back (so 75 yards)
10 press
To other goal line and back

WHEW!!!!!  Return coupons.


Count-O-Rama – 13
Prayer requests for Jingles and move
Prayer requests for PAX and personal issues
Prayer requests unspoken


– Glorious morning!!!!  Strong strong work by all!!!  It was a great time.  Love seeing everyone pushing themselves hard!  There was a great mix of cardio, PT, mumblechatter and sexiness!!!  Honor to lead you men!!!

– Bling scavenger hunt date night – 2 days away!!!  AMAZING TIME AHEAD.  Humpback getting Karma a date with Bridget much to Boxcar’s chagrin
– F3GrandStrand Annual Christmas party has been confirmed!!!  December 11 at Waterway Palms Clubhouse – 6PM
– Ugly Christmas sweater convergence in Conway on December 18
– Great donations for Fostering Hope!!!!  Penelope taking items Saturday at WH!
– Pikachu and F3GS met Christmas Shoebox goal!


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