Little Bit Of Everything

Little Bit Of Everything

Workout Date:



Candy Cane


Candy Cane, Pikachu, Castaway, Jeter, Boxcar

The Thang:

Just like the title states the plan was to focus on a little bit of everything.

0 min warning was given after YHC, Castaway, and Boxcar rolled up from our 5K prerun and after Boxcar parted ways pax were instructed to riffle carry blocks to sideline opposite of the famous stadium steps.

Round 1: 20 Tricep Ext, lap (including 2 sets of stairs), 20X 2Count Windshield Wipers, lap, 20 Block Squats, lap

Round 2: 20 Curls, lap, 20 Flutter Press, lap, 20 Thrusters, lap

Round 3: 20 U-Hauls, 20 BBSUs, 10 Blockees, Cool down lap (no stairs)

Return Blocks and time.

Announcements: Christmas party/convergence, shoeboxes

YHC prayed us out