Log Flippin’, Bag Totin’, Hill Cimbin’ High Impact Men

Log Flippin’, Bag Totin’, Hill Cimbin’ High Impact Men

Workout Date:





Penelope, Punch Bug, Lombardi, OneCall, Franklin, Weedeater, High Interest, Turn and Cough, Go Gringo, Billboard, Trio (Respect), Bubbles, Flop, Flash, Varsity, Hoser (Ruck), Bling (Ruck), Podcast (QIC)

The Thang:

Five Minute Warning

One Minute Warning


3,2,1 Go Time

SSH X 20 (IC)ish

TTT X 20 (IC)ish

Mosey down the field and back around to grab the logs.

Started with a Snaking Indian Run, but quickly devolved into a sprint for the logs.

PAX grab 2 of the logs and headed back to the field where YHC came early and placed two heavy bags.


PAX take turns flipping one log, sprinting to the other, flipping it, then sprinting back to the group. When not flipping, PAX repeat:

Flutter Kicks X 20

LBC X 20

Big Boys X 20


Flip each log down and back X 2 then on to Metal of Honor Sprints (Stolen from Mudslide)

PAX split into 2 groups with one bag in each group. Big Bertha from Mudslide and Heavy as Lead (H.A.L.) from Hoedown. One PAX from each group runs across the field with the bag and hands off to another. Repeat until everyone has gone to the opposite group and back to their original. When not sprinting, PAX repeat:

SSH X 10

Squats X 10

Move logs to Mount Myrtle (Just For Fun)


@Mount Myrtle to play Black Jack

LBC X 20, Over the Mount, Merkin X 1

Repeat with decreasing LBCs  and increasing Merkins until

LBC x 1, Over the Mount, Merkin x 20

PAX grab logs, bags, and Mosey back to the Flag

Billboard led Mary while YHC put a log back

Mary until time.





YHC was honored to lead this group of High Impact Men for the first time. Many thanks for hanging on during the chaotic beginning.

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