Log in for a great workout at The Riviera!!!

Log in for a great workout at The Riviera!!!

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Hoe Down, Pert Plus, Stuffed Crust, Crabcakes, Bluegrass, Quaker, Magnum, Mudslide, High Cotton, Etch a Sketch, Latex, Strap Lock, Saved by the Bell, Postal, Grass Patch, Bondo

The Thang:

I rolled in on my bicycle, and everyone knew the day was supposed to get dangerously hot, but it was surprisingly cool just ahead of the heat wave. We circled up, I gave the one minute warning and the disclaimer and we began. I had posted a bit on Twitter about an epic beatdown, and I was really worried I could not deliver. I know it kicked my butt, but I will let the other PAX call it from their point of view.

COP- SSH, TTT, plank jacks, and mountain climbers in cadence. I then said form three columns and lets mosey. Blank stares abounded and mumble chatter about what was a column. I simplified to saying three lines and we figured it out.

We moseyed across the street and through the Big Lots parking lot heading to coupons I discover on recon last night. As we went, I called halt and did 10 merkins, up and mosey a bit then halt and 10 jump squats, mosey some more and then halt and 20 LBC’s.

MAIN THANG- We arrived at the pile of old wooden poles that formerly held the lights around the softball field. The removal process strategically cut several to almost identical 3 foot sections. I had 4 ready to go, so we broke into 4 groups of 4 and I was odd man out rotating stations from log to log. First work was 2 roll it up the hill while the rest did squats. Then we lined them up and and 2 PAX did a log flip about 20 yards then returned. The other PAX did squats. When we switched I called a different exercise- too many to recall but we did arm circles, Moroccan night clubs, held plank, merkins, TTT, SSH- I had planned a burpeeless Thursday, but someone called it out once while I was on log duty.

We realized  we could handle the logs solo, so round 2 was a one man flip for the 20 yards then tag out. After a full round we took a short mosey then back again. No one had taken the coupons, so I suggested we use them again. This time we did a 50 yard solo log roll and run back and tag out. While waiting your turn, we rested by doing the various exercises listed above- in other words, we did not rest!

Finish the series, a short mosey, then a team log flip down and back for the 50 yards. While waiting we did chop step- high knees was unattainable here, so just keep feet moving. I rotated across the back of all 4 lines to add a 5th man to each series. We flipped them down and back and another mosey. We re-racked the coupons and formed 3 columns for the slog back. We stopped again for merkins, then jump squats, then LBC’s.

COT- we arrived back at the flag for name-a-rama, announcements, and prayer requests. I prayed us out- HONORED!!!

Moleskin- I never once said pick up the six, but it was just done every time! I heard repeated words of encouragement to each PAX as MUCH work was done. The only slightly embarrassing note was I have never heard so much groaning, moaning, and grunting without blushing!

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