“Log”Jammed up doing simple math…..

“Log”Jammed up doing simple math…..

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The Thang:

Love the Mumblechatter, love it, especially from the younger crowd!  Got some heat from Bluegrass the other day when I didn’t show up at his Q, (heard from a few there it was sub-par)- so he made a few comments about doing a pre-run today to get extra work before my Q.  So when I showed up this morning at 0500 to prepare, there was only 1 car, 1 infamous car of Handy.  (5 miles in 36 min!!).  Sorry Bluegrass, lets get your act in order please.

Went to fetch 4 logs from behind the church (as I was estimating 12-16 this morning) and brought them (1 by 1) to the front large parking lot for some fun later.  Very pleased to see a total of 21 others show up today- well done peeps!  5:29 rolled around, 1 minute call, circled up, made fun of Geno, and made my disclaimer.

**Asked Valvano and One Call to go grab 2 more logs and bring to the front lot- we needed more!  On the Ready boys!

walk to the front corner closest to CFB- circle up:

22 Merkins (Vets) IC


22 Flutters IC

then Karaoke facing church to the far left corner by the football field- circle up

22 IW IC


22 Carolina DD IC

Karaoke facing field to the corner by the softball field- circle up

22 arm circles forward

22 arm circles backward

22 Overhead Claps

Mosey backwards to the front parking lot/final corner of the square- circle up

22 Merkins IC- Recover

So- now we had 6 logs (about 1.5-2 feet in length, perfect for 1 man to struggle) in a pile and 21 grumbling PAX wondering why they woke up this morning.  TO GET BETTER.  team up into groups of 4 (there were 2 groups of 3 as the math didn’t work out- more on this later) for a 4 corner circuit.  The log must go with you around the 4 corners with the following exercises on each:

Corner #1- 300 Squats as a team

Corner #2- 300 LBC as a team

Corner #3- 300 Carolina DD as a team

Corner #4- 300 SSH as a team

SOOOOO, before we started, I had to revise the math so it worked out for all.  As I mentioned before, creating the Q I was banking on even teams!  MODIFY!!  OK- lets do 100 reps per person, at least that what I meant to say- but with all the mumble chatter and groans, some PAX didn’t hear, compute, listen (Geno) and tried doing the math themselves.  “So we are only doing 25 reps per corner?”  “So  doing the math, its 33.3333 squats?”  “So, why does Geno wear womens clothing when working out with guys??”  (last question wasn’t asked today)

Every PAX do 100 reps at each corner, then carry the log to the next- plank on the 6 at corner #4- GOOOO.

Solid work by all, I was last and watched all PAX plank- Recover.  1 PAX per team walk the log back to the church, while the remaining team members circled up in the back lot to flutter and wait.  40 Flutters IC, then a round of 6 inches just to make the quads smoke!  Log carriers returned, time for an Indian Run around the church.

Completed in the same back lot- found a 46 pound sandbag lying on the sidewalk??  lets us it!  Circled up for a round of shoulder presses- 10 each PAX as we handed the sandbag around every 10- IC.  Shoulders were smoking, complaints were heard.  8 Minutes left, time for another Indian Run around the church, met back in the same place.

“Get in close- lets Nestle”. Close round of 6 inches was going well until Chewy let out something vicious and the entire group got nauseous.  (and to make things worse he was very hesitant to admit this later on).  feet up, then hands up, then head up and hold……..Solid work.  Roll over, 1 more round of 22 Merkins…..SLOW

Somehow I mis-counted, and only did 21- Geno let me know, so back into position- we did 5 more as a group to make it up…..TIME!


Name-O-Rama, Announcements, Prayer requests (Skimmer- marriage, Bluegrass- F3 Brother’s girlfriend, Billboard seems to have his family in jail- unspoken.

see our site for action in the area!  Go Q somewhere new, be involved, get an FNG!

Prayed out.  Love leading, appreciate the effort, smack talk, brotherhood, opportunity.  OUT!






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