Lurking in the Shadows

Lurking in the Shadows

Workout Date:





Brown Bag, Rubber, BeefSteak, ERC, Spork, Sade’, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 61 degrees, light drizzle

YHC just finished a 15 miler with Hamburglar yesterday, so running would not be part of this beatdown, however, there are many other ways to work our legs without running!

YHC and the rest of the PAX enjoyed Rubber’s lunge happy workout last week and the Murder Bunny Mondays dropped on the PAX the past 2 weeks by Brown Bag and YHC were greatly appreciated, too. So I thought it might be fun to incorporate a little of each these beatdowns into today’s festivities. The key to this beatdown however was to keep the PAX guessing as to what may or may not happen next and to strategically set up some of the beatdown in a part of the AO that is rarely visited! Just when the PAX thought they knew the theme, that’s when YHC would pull the rabbit (so to speak) out of my hat to create some real magic in the Gloom!!

As YHC approached the AO he noticed a light sprinkle of rain on the windshield, which means that the Boxcar Doctrine would be in full effect. Obviously F3 workouts take place outside rain or shine, however, some PAX are a little more skittish of the wet stuff and their metal/mettle becomes a bit soft. Boxcar has taken this approach to wet workouts to a whole new level (not even posting for his own Q if one drop of rain hits the ground within a 12- hour period prior to the start time) and hence the Boxcar Doctrine was born. Who would succumb to this debilitation doctrine YHC wondered? And who would step up to face what was lurking in the Gloom?

With 5 minutes to the start time, the AO was empty, YHC thought this may be a solo event . . . then Beefsteak & Spork pulled in, followed by Sade’ & his hoody. Next to arrive was Rubber & Brown Bag and bringing up the six was ERC right on time as we began SSHs. Castaway and Tiny Dance were a no show even though Sade’ called them out the night before. #BoxcarDoctrine #WheresWiedner ***

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 25 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 22 Merkins IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC reverse IC

Mosey around the Church and finish up at the Coupon Pile.

Everyone grabbed a freshly painted Cinder Block (T-Claps to Spork!!) and Circled up at the south end of the back parking lot.


Circle Up – 13 Block Curls IC

Lunge walk to 2nd Light pole – approximately 75 yrds

Circle up – 13 Overhead Press

Rifle Carry to corner of back parking lot

Circle up – 13 Block Swings IC

Lunge walk around the corner & down to the fence – approximately 50 yrds

Circle Up – 13 Bentover Rows IC

Rifle Carry to east corner of Large Parking Lot

Circle Up – 13 Blockees OYO

Lunge walk to Light Pole in center of Parking Lot – approximately 30 yrds

Circle Up – 13 Thrusters OYO

Rifle Carry to north edge of Large parking Lot

Pain’t the Lines: 13 lines – Mosey, Back Pedal, Karaoke, Skip. . . rinse and repeat until we hit the magic number 13

Mosey back to north edge of the Large Parking Lot – Place Blocks in straight line facing into the unlit field . . . Time to find out what is Lurking in the Shadows . . .

1 lone cone – barely visible in the distance – 50 – 60 yrds away!

Murder Bunny Time!!

Murder Bunny to the cone

20 alternating Block Merkins: 10 with the left hand on block & 10 with the right hand on the block

Murder Bunny back to the start on the edge of the north end of the Parking Lot

10 Count . . . line up facing the Gloom for Round #2

Q: “Does anyone see the 2nd Cone in the field?” . . . PAX, “What? . . . There’s another cone? . . ” – Mind F to keep the PAX on their toes . . . there is no 2nd Cone!! All PAX were relieved, however, all PAX would have Murder Bunnied into the Gloom to find it!!!

Rifle Carry to the Bleachers

Circle Up – 100 Rocky Balboas count every tap

Lunge walk to the Ball Park Gate

Circle Up -13 Dips IC on the Block

Rifle Carry to Penalty Box (small building on back lot)

Circle Up – 13 Triceps Extensions IC

Lung Walk to Light Pole

Circle Up – 13 Squats IC

Rifle Carry to 2nd Light Pole

Circle Up – 13 American Hammers IC while balancing on the Blocks

Return Blocks to the Coupon Pile

Mosey to Shovel Flag and Circle Up

Mary: 50 Flutter Kicks IC; for the PAX who struggled with 50 FK we did an extra set of 20 Flutter Kicks IC until time expired

Time Called!!

Count-O-Rama = 7


Announcements: AOQ hand off at The Village – Oct 30th (This Friday); Freed to Bleed at Carolina Community Rec Center – Oct 30th (This Friday); 5th Annual Halloween Convergence at BombSquad – Oct 31st (This Saturday at 7 am)(Coffetteria at Early Risers to follow)

Prayers: Handy and his family as the welcome their new baby girl into the world; prayers unspoken

Moleskin: Great push by everyone. This beatdown packed a lot of pain into 45 minutes!! It was an honor to lead. YHC appreciates everyone effort and earnest to follow. As for Boxcar, he did venture out this a.m. and joined the PAX at Doug Shaw Stadium for Elevation Monday (I’m sure it was dry over there, though 😉)





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