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Onecall, Mudslide, Bling, Rousey, Valvano

The Thang:

YHC had a rough night sleep with the 2.0 deciding to party all night.  I was a little concerned I wasn’t going to be able to bring it enough for the beasts that awaited me at #Beachbells.

That fear quickly went away after the Preworkout kicked in. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Weather: Balmy, misty, sweaty, all in all perfect.

YHC pulled up and the usual suspects were already there and set up with the exception to GENO AND BILLBOARD WHICH WE NEVER SAW!

Honestly YHC was not in a good mood from lack of sleep so I figured lets just jump into this thing head on and start with ManMakers with a bent over Row added in on 30lb, 40lb, and 50lb. Various other exercised were performed in that set including dead lift, bag carry, bent over rows and big boys.

That got the hearth rate up and stretched everyone out.  Next set was shoulders, flys, shurgs, straight arm extension, emphasizing the negative lower for my shoulder burn out, bag carry, pullups,.

Next set was chest, 3 PAX completed another set of MANMAKERS while 3 other pax did chest.  One benched 205lbs 10 times with assistance of on there own after completion of 10 the 2 pax that were holding the ends of the bar bell completed 10 squats with the weight.  BRUTAL.  Switch pax after completion.

Next set with arms #Growth began.  Sets included curls, extensions, skull crushers, diamond merkings, etc.

Final set was Swings, pick a weight and get 10 swings in then switch untill all weights have been used.

Finished up with some plank walk merkins across the field for some ab work.

It was an Honor as always to lead you men, you make me better and I couldnt thank you for more for holding me accountable.

Prayers for Bling and his mother this week,

YHC led us out.


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  1. I wanted to add that 5 of the 6 were sporting appropriate tank tops as required by #BeachBells dress code. Rousey gets a pass as this was I think only his 2nd time so he might not have known of said dress code, but he was quick to roll up those sleeves exposing some nice guns! He will be back sans sleeves for sure. Per Bling – some sweeet $5 tanks at Walmart

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