Marsh Run Blast

Marsh Run Blast

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Papa Smurf, Birthday Boy, Cheezy Biscuit, Heisenberg, Say What, Esau, Mater

The Thang:

An unusual cold April morning at 39 degrees didn’t deter 8 Pax from hitting cardio, chest and abs just in time for beach weather!

7 Pax tried to warm up with merkins and stretches, while Cheezy drove in just in time for more side straddle hops as well as thru the tunnel just for Say What.  After warm-ups, we mosied to the marsh (~1 mile), but not to joy of Birthday Boy’s ankle. In between the mosie, we stopped for 50 Big Boy sit-ups and 50 decline merkins.

Once we arrived at the pier next to Wicked Tuna, we sprinted to the end and performed 50 crunchy frogs, 50 mountain climbers, 50 flutter kicks and 50 crunches. After the 200ct blast, we karaoked back off the pier, where we did 50 more decline merkins.

On the way back, we did Indian Runs or as Mr. PC Heisenberg calls them, “Criss Cross Apple Sauce” runs. Before getting back to the park, we finished off with planks (1 min hands and 1 mins elbows).

Back at the park, we stretched it out with baby arm circles and other leg stretches before hearing Say What’s infamous Home Depot story.

All in all, it was a great workout with 2 miles of running, intervals and lots of core exercises for the beach weather, which we hope is around the corner.

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