Master of the House

Master of the House

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Geno, Boxcar, One Call, Fergie (AOQ), Shoeless, Billboard, Manziel, Squirt, Houdini, Strikeout, Bling

The Thang:

This has to be the 1st Backblast ever written with a Les Miserable reference/title. Just sayin. Every once and a while, the Master has to come back and show the students how its done. Not sure thats what actually happened today, but it did in my mind! So- when Fergie demands I dust off the Q shoes and get back to the Mothership, I listen and tackle the challenge.

Notice went out in Slack that I was on Q (sorry if no one saw that because Fergie posted it at midnight…..), put the notice out on the infamous Plantation Lakes “YOP” channel (special invite only there- sorry commoners), and gave the 0445 pick up time. Knowing that there would be 5-7 PAX at the pre-run this am at 0430 led by Weedeater, I declined to get in extra prep on my beatdown. I honestly did feel a little rusty, knowing this wouldn’t be as perfect a Q as my usual…..

Pulled into Warthog at 0505, notices Fergie sweating from the pre-run (must have lost Weedeater along the way, and his car….) and saw Billboard standing around watching Fergie sweat (just like he did Saturday). As the cars rolled in and we got close to start, I thought it would be best to 1st give a solid disclaimer, then start the workout with the Pledge around the flag. here we go!

mosey to other side of bridge to circle up and have some fun


20 IW IC


20 Tempo Squat IC

15 BAC forward IC

15 Overhead claps IC

15 BAC backward IC. (thought we saw Weedeater stretching at end of fence, but nonetheless…). Partner up and mosey to the small parking deck- stay together!

DORA at bottom of small deck. 1 PAX jogs to top of incline and back

100 merkins

200 squats

300 LBC’s (hitting the whole body in case OC was keeping track- but he was too busy keeping the blood out of his eyes)

High knees walk/rest to top of deck. Staying with partners, run to top of large parking deck, taking the stairs to top (not ramp). 30 sec wall sit together and 30 sec SSH. Repeat 3 times over and jog back down stairs to the large wall on bottom floor or deck. Repeat the wall sit/SSH 2 times more before our jog back to flag.

Wanted to get back about 4-5 minutes early for a devotion for the group. Praying boldly, acting fearless, and spreading the word of Christ every day. Appreciate the time leading and each of you dudes

prayed for Kai, Manziel (father Joe’s service), Cardinal family, and living our lives with family and friends Boldly.