Memorial Day 2021

Memorial Day 2021

Workout Date:





37 or so

The Thang:

AO: ThePlank, ElevationMonday and BombSquad

Conditions: 56 degrees and clear

Memorial Day with F3GrandStrand means its time for TheMurph.  Typically, PAX start adding pull-ups to regular beatdowns a month or two out.  Flash even held a pull-up clinic!  Hoser threw out an idea to the PAX for TheMurphPlus…probably because he knew he couldn’t make it.  OneCall said we should do it and after some planning with the AOQs, the PAX decided to converge on DougShaw Stadium, home of ThePlank and ElevationMonday.  Hamburglar didn’t need to think about it and immediately moved his Q from BombSquad to DougShaw before the plans were even in place. The plan came together for the following all at DougShaw:

0500 – ElevationMonday for TheAxe and TheDanny WODs

0515 – BombSquad for TheMurph

0700 – TheMurph

The Axe

800m Run

25 x 8 count bodybuilders

25x 4 count flutter kicks

25x 8 ring pulls or “Aussie Pull-ups” – modified with 80lb and 100lb SandBag bent over rows

25x leg lifts

25x Merkins

25x Heels to Heaven

25x AirSquats

25x hello darlings/dollys

25x ring pulls or “Aussie Pull-ups” – modified with 80lb and 100lb SandBag bent over rows

25 Merkins

800m Run


1 Mile Run

26x Power Clean w/ 80lb SandBag

80x Merkins

Rest 1 Minute – Silence

600m Run

28x FrontSquat 80lb SandBag

50x Pull-ups


(w/20lb Weight vest/Ruck)

1 Mile Run

100x Pull-ups

200x Merkins

300x AirSquats

1 Mile Run

COTx2 (1 after each Murph)

Hamburglar – 18PAX+* including 1 FNG, CaptainUnderpants

Headgear – 18PAX+*

*Some PAX left before COT as they finished the WODs.

Brave and women have given their lives for our country going back to the Revolutionary War in the 1700s.  Today is a day when we reflect and remember those sacrifices.  Where would we be today without them?  Starting Memorial Day with F3GrandStrand is always special as we pay tribute.  The WODs are hard and modifications were made by most but everyone put in work. Doing all three WODs was hard too but not impossible and it was nothing compared to the sacrifices our Marines, Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Coast Guardsmen have made!

Never Forget


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