Memorial Monument Tour

Memorial Monument Tour

Workout Date:





Big Wheels, Strap-lock, Site Work, Grunt, FNG: 2Stroke (Wayne Hucks), Saved by the Bell, Grass Patch, Mudslide, Bondo, Runoff (Guest QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions 75 Deg, 4 dew points less than fog.

Due to Etcha-sketch’s sidelining injury, YHC was drafted for service.  Seeing the recent Virginia madness concerning our historical monuments, I decided to take us on a little Monument Tour of #Rivertown! The #MainEffort was to visit all of our monuments and honor those #HIM that sacrificed greatly for those monuments! We used the dates of the war to dictate the number of reps! See below.

It’s great to see this AO’s numbers are improving, and there were two HATE HATES in the tribe…and one was an FNG! Way to go #GRUNT! Makes a guy climbing north of 40 feel good to see some young men chasing their best self and getting better early in their life.

5:14 One Minute warning… Saved by the Bell’s notice to run to the circle!

5:15 The DISCLAIMER was given, and encouraged the FNG to ask questions

SSH x 25 IC
Through the “hole” (chuckles) tunnel x 20 IC
Burpees 10 OYO
IW x 25 IC
‘Merkins x 20 IC

The Thang
Mosey down to the bridge. Dedicated in 1938 to the men of Revolutionary War (1775) to WWI.
19 ‘Merkins IC
38 Squats IC
17 Shoulder Taps IC
75 LBC’s OYO
Indian Run up to 3rd Ave to the (Cold War / Vietnam Memorial 1955)
19 Carolina Dry Docks IC
55 baby arm circles (half fwd/rev) IC
Partner/Team Carry to the next monument 350ft (1990 Gulf War)
Grab curb and hold plank while we wait for the six (Superman and Ea Arm hold).
19 Merkins IC
90 BBSU (per team) OYO
Partner Carry (switch) another 350ft (some did lunges to modify)
Carioca to HC Judicial Building – (Discovered A/C on the steps! The AO may be moved…)
Sprint to the HC Police monument
19 Merkins IC
90 Flutter kicks OYO
Indian Run back to flag!
Hold Al Gore for six

Count-O-Rama = 9 with 1 FNG
(Run to truck and get phone!)
Announcements / Prayer request
Saturday @ 6am #Riviera and 5:30am #TrainingWheelz
Name – O – Rama

Studying for those war dates gave me flashbacks of school history homework! I recently visited Boston and Washington DC this summer, and I am always impressed with artwork and design of our America institutions and monuments. It would be a waste and travesty to have them defaced or damaged. America has lost a lot of fine men fighting for freedoms that we all enjoy. As a nation, we were finding our way… making mistakes… and we continue to fight for the best version of democracy history has ever witnessed. We can’t change our past nor our country’s history. These memorials are more than shrines of the person on display. They also represent the struggle of our country to fight for freedom for every man.
If they really want to make a difference, they should use their energy to help our fellowman, and follow Jesus’ command to love thy neighbor. That’s why YHC is thankful for #F3 because it is free to all men and you will get better by the men you sweat with.

As always its an honor to lead,

PS: Good luck to all of our teachers for a productive year!

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