Metal Militia

Metal Militia

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Wolverine, Penelope and Mudslide

The Thang:

Conditions: High 40’s and windy.

YHC figured that with many of the usual PAX possibly participating in the GRT/L this weekend that there might be a need for a Q.  There have been some awesome workouts by the pros at #BeachBells and I am always learning something new when I post.

YHC rolled into the parking lot, opened up his car doors, KBs out and staged and then hit start on his playlist.  Heavy metal (Christian) blaring, the militia arrives (Wolverine first, Penelope right at start time then finally Mudslide on 2 wheels).  Quick hello and disclaimer.

Lets rock!

Equipment: 2 40lb Kettle bells (KBs), 2 50lbs, 1 60lb, 2 80lbs, 1 100lb whopper.  A work colleague who does CrossFit calls their 100lb KB “Big Papi”.  We need a name.

Warm Up: 2 rounds of 7 – 9 reps swinging (PAX choice of 1 hand or 2) of 40s, 50s and 60.

Circuit 1: 1 minute sets of: swinging 40s and 50s; PAX choice of leg exercise (goblet squat, static squat, good mornings, etc.) with the 60, and PAX choice of swing, shrug or farmer’s carry of the 80s; and same with 100.  At the end of each 1 minute set, PAX would do 10 BBSUs.

Circuit 2: Same as previous circuit, but 40s and 50s were used as pairs to do 1 minute man makers with upright row.

Circuit 3: Using the 40s, 50s and 60, curl then move to next weight to work the triceps.  Keep going alternating.  Same exercise as above with the 80s and 100.  No BBSUs.

Circuit 4: PAX pair up.  1 PAX does 30 swings with desired weight (challenge yourself) while other PAX does LBCs.  Awesome… lets do it again!  Nice finale to the workout.


Check regional website and Slack for announcements.  #JudeeChop re-launches June 9 at #Warthog 6 – 7am just before the WH convergence.

Wolverine prayed us out.  Great prayer brother!

NMMS: Plenty of good #mumblechatter this morning!  All pushed even though it was deceptively cooler than anticipated.  If you haven’t tried #BeachBells, I encourage you to give it a go.  Kettlebell training can be a great way to supplement whatever your training goals might be (running, rucking, mud races, etc.) as well being a solid & varied workout on its own.  Looking forward to using them at #Bombsquad tomorrow (evil laughter).



Phil. 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.



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