Metallica plays Conway on D-Day…..all those under 35 shocked….

Metallica plays Conway on D-Day…..all those under 35 shocked….

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Bling, One Call, Bluegrass, Big Wheels, Tough Crust, Saved by the Bell, Switchfoot, Straplock, Peach, Whittle, Super Dave

The Thang:

Love Q’ing the Republic, lots of good space to play in.  Threw my name on the Q sheet prior to our 3rd Ann at Warthog, to make sure everyone knew where to go on the 9th (WARTHOG).  Picked up my carpool buddy #PlantationLakesloveaffair, and made the trek out towards Conway.  One LONELY runner, who will remain anonymous- right BG!

Had a Q from Village last week I wanted to revise….and when Bluegrass texted me stating “Conway is getting SOFT, please make the Q harder”. (actual text, I can show to anyone for a few dollars).  SO, throw the 46 round sandbag in the car and modify on the fly as only a seasoned Vet can do……..  Weather 82 and humid, I was prepared to sweat…….a lot.  1 minute warning (or 15), disclaimer given.

22 merkins IC. #22Kills

30 sec plank- good form


30 sec plank- better form

15 TTT IC (streeeeeetch)

30 sec plank- solid form

20 tempo squats IC

30 sec plank- best form

mosey to square- circle up again

20 Overhead Claps IC

30 sec wall sit- good form, butt down, back flat on wall


30 sec wall sit

20 Bragg cherry pickers (had some complain the movement was difficult- I will leave this right here)

30 sec wall sit

20 arm circles front, then back

1 minute wall sit- legs smoking……

Mosey around to Main St and down under the bridge to the river for 11’s, always a crowd favorite.

jump squats (done properly) and flutter kicks.  run from end of sidewalk to top of road (about 200 yards)

Mosey back to AO (as it was already 5:50!!). Circle up and grab the sandbag to the grumbles heard around…

10 calf raises with the weight, pass around the circle.  Total of 110 Calf raises!

repeat with should presses- 10 with weight, 110 total.  2 minutes left (as I had both squats and Merkins left with the sandbag!!)

22 Merkins IC to wrap this show up.  Solid push by all out there, and regardless of what Bluegrass says, I think the boys did solid work! About 2 miles of running (to add to Bluegrass’s .02 miles he did prior. #WinterSoldier)

Announcement- WARTHOG 6/9.  Be there, or suffer the consequences……. Papa leading us to the Promised Land, and maybe thru the Red Sea if we are lucky enough!

also- Bluegrass and the CSAUP, (should be a breeze), the Iron Flag info (20 workouts in 30 days), and the Beach day (both on the 16th) are on the docket for June- as this is a rocking month for F3 and our awesome region!

Prayers- lots of prayers today, great to hear the men speaking up.  All were mentioned in the prayer, ALWAYS appreciate leading men, and praying amongst them. God is good, and can do a Merkin in proper form!


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  1. That was a GREAT beatdown!! Strong #HIM. Lots of prayer requests being lifted up men. Tough to share sometimes, but that’s why we are all here for one another!

    And what was up with BG? We pull up, he gets out of his truck, “runs” to the corner and runs back. .02 miles, pretending it was a full out pre-run. That’s why he had so much energy to lap us later on!!!!

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