Monday after Vacation Q…….

Monday after Vacation Q…….

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Red Cardo, Crankbait, Skid Mark, Vit D, Whittle, Mud Slide, Buffet, Billboard, Boxcar, Beefsteak, Backdraft (FNG), Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

Monday after vacation Q
Every time the family and I plan a vacation I try to set up a Q for myself on the Monday after to make sure that I get back in the routine rather than continuing those lazy vacation habits. Every Monday that I have done this I have woke up dragging and hating myself for doing it and today was no exception. However, there is always that great feeling of satisfaction from getting back to the norm after the beat down that I love and that’s why I do it. As this was a first day back for me I didn’t really have anything planned out like I usually do so I went to the weinke cards and grabbed the Indian Ru/Relay one and figured it was good for the day.

25-SSHs IC
5-Merkins OYO
15-Imperial Walkers IC
15-Hillbillies IC
5 Merkins
20-LBACs forward and reverse IC
Indian Run Routine/Relay
We teamed up with 3 teams of 4 PAX, each PAX would take a turn running a lap (about 250 meters) while the rest of the PAX on the team preformed AMRAP exercises. The PAX would stay in order so that when the first person who ran got back to the front to run again the exercise would change. The thing that makes this routine difficult is the fact that you are doing the same exercise for so long and so many reps. The other thing that sucks about this is I always try to do burpees first so that I am really fatigued for the rest of the exercises. Nice little mental challenge that gives you an opportunity to push through some pain and endure.
-Burpees (Crowd pleaser)
-Turkish Get-ups (Another crowd pleaser)
-Big Boy Sit Ups
-Mt. Climbers
Someone made the comment that I should really consider adding some burpees to my Q because the 75 we did in the thang really didnt seem like enough so instead of the normal indian run we added a burpee to the back. Ask and you shall recieve!
Indian Run with one Burpee at the end back to shovel flag
20-Flutter Kicks IC
15-American Hammers IC
Announcements: 3 year Anniversary this Saturday, Papa Smurf on Q. Be there to support the region and our only soon to be Triple Respect. The next weekend will be the CSAUP and Family beach day. Sign up for the CSAUP asap!!!!

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