More GR22 Training at the SafeHouse!

More GR22 Training at the SafeHouse!

Workout Date:





Chief (F3 Burlington), O.F.D. (F3 Grove City, PA), WallE (F3 Princeton), Maxime (F3 Pittsburgh / VAOQ), The Rock (1xR F3 GrandStrand/Charleston), Infinity (F3 Capital VAOQ), 2% (F3 Capital) and Vitamin D (F3 GrandStrand / 3rd F Q and SH Co-AOQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: Very pleasant inside my spare bedroom.  It was raining outside, dark and ominous.

Due to a strict COVID19 prevention posture at YHC’s workplace, YHC along with some other veteran Pax in similar situations decided to relaunch the VAO-VWOD concept as a workout alternative.  YHC partnered with PT machine Vitamin D (who already was doing this with other F3 regions) to co-Q this VAO…the #SafeHouse” (SH) was named and that was several months ago.  Now, we have a consistent crew of #HIM (primarily in the EST zone) showing up via Zoom every Wednesday to #getbetter!

YHC-QIC was back from being DR in southwestern CA and missed the last 2 SH workouts due to a small matter of being 3 time zones away.  YHC did post at F3 Puget Sound’s virtual workout; a fine group of #HIM reping the Pacific NW!

Enough yakety yak…logged on to Zoom and 8 more faces appeared.  Usual crew of studs — Vit-D, WallE, Maxime, O.F.D., 2%, and Infinity.  A newer SH Pax Chief (YHC saw those one armed chest press in a V-up — nice!).  And the Rock (Kotter — more on him below).  Good mornings, one-minute warning, demonstration of an exercise we’d be doing (i.e. 321 Manmaker), welcome to F3, mission and disclaimer!

Warm Up: YHC told the Pax to use round 1 of the HIIT circuit to warm up as well going full speed at end of that round and definitely the subsequent ones.


  1. A circuit of 6 exercises, AMRAP in one-minute w/ 20 seconds of rest-transition, a goal of 4 rounds.
  2. Different Exercises for rounds 1 & 3 and 2 & 4.
  3. During some of the exercises, QIC told Pax they could modify with a different coupon – ex. Instead of a KB Swing, do a Ruck Swing… instead of Burpee, do a Sandbag Clean.  The goal was to allow Pax (especially those with GORUCK 21 events on the horizon) to PT w/ their gear (if they had it).  Some F3 GS Pax are prepping for the 21-GrowRuck-SC (aka GR22) in late April (see details on F3 GS website).
  4. Exercises:
    1. HR Merkins    KB or Ruck Swing
    2. Good form LBCs    “”
    3. Weighted or Ruck Squats   Same but lunges
    4. Burpees   321 Manmakers
    5. Flutterkicks w/ #coupon hold overhead    “”
    6. Triple Crush   #Coupon, Ruck or Sandbag Cleans

Bonus round: QIC called on each Pax to either lead an exercise w/ a 5 rep. max or do 4 Burpees.

Apx. 37 mins. of non-stop HIIT!

We then transitioned into a VCOT/cool down…

COR – 9
Praise report/Prayer requests: spoken and unspoken.  Scripture of the day: Luke 6:36.
VBOM by Vit-D.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  WallE on Q next time (2/3)!

NMMS 1: Strong work this morning!  Loving the camaraderie, resiliency, and friendships being formed as a silver lining to CV-19 that wouldn’t have happened otherwise!

NMMS 2: Our Kotter this morning, the Rock, Dustin Laporte (hailing from Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC) is YHC’s college roommate, best man at YHC’s wedding, financial planner extraordinaire,  lay minister, and former power metal guitar player!  He also just recovered from a serious battle with COVID, hospitalized, ventilator, etc. — it got real!  Wanting to improve his #King and of course be around swell group of dudes, he posted with us this morning!  YHC just plugged him into F3 GrandStrand database and Slack — give him a hearty hello!

Honor to lead!



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