Moving Day @ Warthog

Moving Day @ Warthog

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Shoeless (Respect), Headgear (Nantan), Banjo, Fergie, Swiper, Hard Hat, Surf & Turf, Karma, Manziel (Respect), Bed Pan, Brown Bag (Respect), Blooper, Butch (QIC)

The Thang:

The Thang:

YHC agreed to take this Q about a month ago when Fergie asked for volunteers to fill the Warthog December Q Sheet. I’ve posted at Warthog a handful of times, and have been looking forward to leading here. It’s a great AO, minus the awful parking lot we start and finish at. This was my 6th time leading since joining back in April (4 @ The Oyster, and 1 @ The Plank). Fergie posted yesterday on Slack to lace your shoes up and “be ready to move”. Also, the last time I was at Warthog, our Oyster crew took the short bus north to be a part of Jingles’ final Q before he moved. Moving sounded like a good theme for today’s beatdown. These backblasts are a great resource for coming up with ideas, and I enjoy reading them and seeing what other groups are doing in the region, so I figured that I would write one since I’m not working today, and the M and 2.0’s are still sleeping. Moving on…

Conditions: 35 degrees F – Clear, Cool & Crisp – Perfect weather to get moving!

Warmup: Lots of mumble chatter. Hard to keep cadence while trying to listen in on the conversation. Lots of talk about all the running yesterday at Hard Hat‘s Oyster Q, which YHC really enjoyed. Warmup was sloppy, but went something like:

  • 15 SSH IC
  • 10 TTT IC
  • 10 Hillbillies IC
  • 10 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 10 LBAC/10 RLBAC/10 Seal Claps/10 Overhead Presses IC
  • 10 Merkins OYO
  • 10 SSH
  • And with that, it was time to Move!

Mosey from Parking Lot to intersection of Forbus Ct. & Farrow Parkway. Upon stopping at the intersection, Karma stated he loved the short mosey’s! YHC was happy to have him in a good mood on this fine morning, especially after my last Q at The Oyster where it wasn’t as pleasant (“Where are we going?!” “Show me your weinke!!”). Anyways, when moving, it’s important to have a dolly. So we did 25 Hello Dolly’s IC (in hindsight, doing Hello Dolly’s was probably not the safest idea, but Surf & Turf likes to feel dangerous, so we did it anyways, and fortunately no one was run over by someone arriving late). Let’s Move!

Mosey west to intersection of Meyer’s Avenue and Farrow Parkway. Boxes are needed when moving, so 25 Boxcutters IC. Let’s Move!

Mosey down Meyer’s Avenue to the parking lot on the left. I don’t know if a hammer comes in handy when moving… maybe for hanging pictures? I don’t know, but I had Karma lead the group in 25 American Hammers IC. Let’s Move!

Mosey further down Meyer’s Avenue to intersection with Yorkshire Parkway (behind the baseball field complex). Here there is a nice, smoothly paved, and well lit parking lot of decent size (about the size of a normal track). Bed Pan noted that this was like the Taj Mahal of parking lots compared to where we normally meet at Warthog. We entered the north entrance. When moving it’s important to have some big boys to help you move. 25 Big Boys OYO. Let’s Move!

From the north side of the parking lot we sprinted at an instructed 80% effort to the south side, about 150 yards per Google Maps, a soft 8-iron. When moving, it’s important to have good lifting form, so we did 25 Jungle Squats with Overhead Press at the top, IC. Props to Blooper for introducing us to Jungle Squats at Blackbeard recently. Let’s Move!

Time for some Catch Me If You Can! It can sometimes be tough to round up good help when moving (unless you are part of F3!!), so I figured Catch Me If You Can was fitting. Everyone paired up at their discretion except for Brown Bag and Karma, who YHC instructed to pair up together so they could further discuss their grievances – after all, Manziel reminded us that today is Festivus.

  • 1st Lap: Partner 1 does Bernie Sanders (running backwards), while Partner 2 does 5 Prisoner Squats before sprinting to catch Partner 1. At that point they switch roles, and this repeated until all groups had done a lap and returned to the start. I think we all took it a little hard out of the gates, and were pretty gassed, so 10-count was called.
  • Before Lap 2, we did a rinse and repeat of the exercises we had done to that point: 25 Hello Dolly’s IC, 25 Boxcutters IC, 25 American Hammers IC (Karma lead), 25 Big Boys OYO, 25 Jungle Squats w/ Overheard Press. Let’s Move!
  • 2nd Lap: Partner 1 does Kareoke, while Partner 2 does 10 Prisoner Calf Raises (good form emphasized over speed) before sprinting to carch Partner 1.

Once everyone returned to the start, it was time to begin our trek back home. To get back across the parking lot, we did Toy Soldiers a quarter of the way, switching to Bernie Sanders for another quarter of the way, followed by High Knees for the third leg, and a Jailbreak Sprint to the end. This was where we originally did 25 Big Boy Situp’s, so we had to do them again, OYO. Let’s Move!

Making our way back we stopped at the same spots and did the same exercises as before: Karma-lead 25 American Hammers (props to Hard Hat who had his butt on the street curb and feet above in the air, making it more difficult), Mosey to next stop for 25 Box Cutters IC. Mosey to next stop for 25 Hello Dolly’s – living dangerously hoping we wouldn’t get hit by a car. Mosey back down Forbus Ct. to the AO.

4 minutes remained, so while everyone thought we were returning to the parking lot, we actually moseyed to the picnic tables. Banjo was impressed, but not happy about that fake out. At the picnic table we did 25 Step-Ups with each leg. Swiper apparently crushed this as I was still somewhere in the mid-teens when everyone was asking him how he was done already. I then lost count, and when about half the group had stopped I called it, and we moseyed back to the parking lot for COT.

Name-o-rama: We had a great group today! Props to my Oyster brothers (Karma, Surf and Turf, Blooper, Swiper, Hard Hat, Banjo, Manziel, and my ride-or-die neighbor and team doctor – Bed Pan) for making the drive north. Our Nantan – Headgear, and former Nantan – Brown Bag were also there, and it’s always a pleasure working out with them. They are both studs in the gloom, and push everyone to get better. Thanks to Fergie for letting me Q. Fergie does a great job with Warthog, and it’s always a good time! Lastly, it was great to meet Shoeless today as well.

Prayer Requests: We had a lot of prayer requests today, and once it got past three I knew I wouldn’t remember all for the prayer. Here’s my best shot now that I can think about it: 1) Surf & Turf & Bob the Builder’s aunt, and her health, 2) Swiper brought up that Tinker Toy’s dad is having surgery today, 3) Blooper mentioned that his friend’s son who is 1 year old got kicked by a horse yesterday, and scans came back well initially, but still not out of the woods yet, 4) Brown Bag’s mother and her health/dementia, 5) Headgear has someone who works with him going through health issues. 6) Prayers for safe travel over the holidays. Sorry if I messed up on any of the details of those!

YHC prayed us out.

Announcement I forgot to make: On Monday 12/27/2021, join us at The Oyster in Surfside Beach for Karma’s Birthday Q. This is a special one as he turns 50 on Sunday, and finally gets that “Respect”. Beatdown is from 5:30-6:15, and afterwards we are going to Eggs Up Grill in Garden City to coffee and breakfast. It would be great to have a big turn out for the man, the myth, and the legend.

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