My own personal Rockathon (speaker died).

My own personal Rockathon (speaker died).

Workout Date:





One Call, Hamburglar, Boom Boom, High Interest, Crankbait, Weedeater, Gino, Bubbles, Whittle, Quaker

The Thang:

Conditions: Temp in the high twenties with frost on the ground.  I had trouble sleeping in (for a 7:00am beatdown) as I’ve been excited for this beatdown as its been a while since I’ve made it up to see the PAX at warthog.  As the new Nant’an I wan’t to make a strong effort to visit all of the F3GS AO’s on a regular basis to feel up…., I mean feel out, whats going on around the region.

I was excited to see some familiar faces and one not-so-familiar face as I pulled into a surprisingly full parking lot.  I was jamming out to some ol Classic Rock tunes and made quick decision to continue that energy through the beatdown and grabbed small portable speaker as i exited the truck. Fist bumps all around and intro to new face Boom Boom.

1 min warning

Thang (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, etc on the speaker)

1 Merkin OYO
2 Merkins OYO
IW 20 IC
3 Merkins OYO
Windmills 15 IC
4 Merkins . OYO
Tempo squats 20 IC
5 Burpees OYO
LBAC Forward 15 IC
LBAC reverse 15 IC
Over Head Claps 15 IC

Mosey to picnic tables
11’s dips/derkins

Mosey to bridge and bear crawl 1/2, 20 SSH, lunge walk rest. (caution to be taken as there was a slippery layer of frost. ugh…groin pull).

Mosey to square around Valor Park

We pass 7-8 PAX who just put in a 12 mile Ruck and most are wearing a thin layer of frost themselves with steam coming off their heads.

4 corners up escalator: 5 Burpees, add 10 BBSU, add 15 Merkins, add 20 squats
4 Corners down escalator: reverse dropping exercise at each corner

(Speaker died so I guess i get to listen music on the phone by myself.)

Mosey to bridge lunge walk 1/2, 20 SSH, bear crawl rest

Mosey to hills
11’s Carolina Dry Docks ( bottom), Prisoner squats (Top)

Mosey to field
Red Barchetta
10yds 10 BBSU
25 yds 25 Merkins
50 yds 50 lbcs
75 yds 75 mountain climbers
100 SSH

Time called:

C-O-R, N-O-R,

Announcements: Govt shutdown OVER, backpay is coming, P200 training and preruns coming, Exec Board meeting with news to come, Q sheets open,

Prayers: Hamberglar’s Bro-in-law with Cancer Dx, Boom-Boom’s wife with auto immune Dz flair, Abby Weedeater’s niece with Pneumonia

Pleasure to lead and get to know the newest Pax Boom Boom.

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