Need a Breather? Take a Mosey!

Need a Breather? Take a Mosey!

Workout Date:



The Thang:

Workout Date:





Grasspatch, Tag Team, Punch List, Bob the Builder, Stuffed Crust, and Runoff on Q

The Thang:

20- Windmills IC

20 – SSHs IC
20- Shoulder Taps


Bob the Builder and Punchlist Roll in so we cant let our brothers start cold…

Round 2 of COT – 20 SSH and 20-Emperial Walkers

Indian Run out toward Conway Fitness. (Took a little mosey out off the safety of the Rock parking lot lights into the gloom.)

Stopping along the sidewalk halfway for 15 Burpees OYO

Indian Run to the Guardrail – Stop for 25 Dips IC

Mosey to wooden walkway where we split into three two men crews. Each man got a ride to the top of the hill by their brothers.  3 rounds.

Mosey over to track field where we split into groups of two.  Each group had a total of 50-Burpees, 50-LBC’s , 50-Squats while partner ran the loop.

Upon completion we played Cat and Mouse with one partner running backwards  other partner must complete 10 ‘mericans then sprint to catch their partner. Repeat around the track.

Upon completion 10 count much needed!

Mosey over the bridge and grab some Rock Balboas (30 and 45 sets)

Mosey to bleachers to find a bleacher seat!  You gonna need a good seat to watch this GUN show!

25 -Dips OYO

25 – Inclined ‘Mericans

MOSEY back to the Rock for some Mary

25-Flutter Kicks
20- American Hammers




  1. Buy a burpee, keep it going and get your tickets now.
  2. Saturday bootcamp will be reopening at #TheRepublic this Saturday, June 30th and will be led by Peach.
  3. We are postponing the Bible Study until further notice.  We will restart in September.
  4. Peach has A KB shirt order that he is collecting money on for a large bulk order.
  5. Join Kettle Bells and Training Wheels to get

Prayer request taken

  1. Jalopy’s Daughter return flight from Ecuador.
  2. Etch a Sketch’s mission trip to our northern neighbor across the border.
  3.  My twin 2.0’s having wisdom teeth taken out.


YHC was proud of the effort today!  Everyone was giving it 100%.  The good thing about a small crowd is you can’t hide!

I have challenged our Youth Group at church to read through the New Testament this summer.  Daily reading of the word is part of a healthy Christian walk. Make it a priority this summer. You will discover its not easy… there is always a distraction.  Keep your head down and put in the work! Best is our standard!

Prayed out


Go Tackle the Day!

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