New AO Black Ops- Little River, SC.

New AO Black Ops- Little River, SC.

Workout Date:





Chicken Little, Headgear, Handstand, Horatio FNG, Malpractice FNG, Trust Me FNG,

The Thang:

Beautiful Gloom 68 & Clear sky’s

NEW AO LAUNCH? Time will tell!
Expansion Q North is my mission, so let’s get it started!

Today the AO was at Faith Church off highway 90, where I am a part of the congregation!
Awesome church, made up of incredible folks. I have been attending 1 year now and have made some wonderful connections as well as increased my Faith in the work God is doing.

Been wanting to launch an AO in the Little River area- Faith Church is considered Little River but does sit on the edge of North Myrtle Beach. I recently spoke last Sunday and at the end presented F3 to the whole congregation, a lot of elbows to the husbands from their M’s!

Pastor Tom AKA Handstand had posted at Timeshare recently and loved it and now as we step in to bringing F3 to everyone there was no better place to start than the Church parking Lot!

As I stated, there was great interest on Sunday with at least 3 HC’s (hard commits) wow I thought, Lets GO! So I began scribing a introductory workout that would cover fundamentals and get the new Pax on board!

As I began throwing the proverbial fleece of EH out to the current pax to get a pulse on the location, all were in agreement it’s worth a shot, plus we needed a Friday option and change of scenery! You know the other side of the waterway in case there’s a hurricane and they close NMB the show will go on!!!

Im stoked, Headgear shot a text to see if the FNG’s were gonna show in which I responded they were an HC!! Thankful for the help from our regions Nantan, chicken little and Handstand coming to support the new Pax! We also brainstormed a few options for the FNG names since i suck at naming as headgear was too… We have an Army national guard recruiter ( Trust Me), He brought a buddy with him an Horry County undercover investigator… maybe initially he was skeptical of meeting strange men in a dark parking lot! that cop is now (Hiratio) think CSI… last but not least (Malpractice) 71 years young and ready to go, he’s a newly retired orthopedic surgeon from loris sc.!

Arrived to the AO first… really good idea to be the first one to welcome the pax and shortly Headgear pulled in right behind me! Handstand,Trust Me, Hiratio, Malpractice then chicken little!
3 min warning was announced
Shovel flags planted
Pax wide eyed and bushy tailed it was a 1 min warning
Proper disclaimer given
Familiarized those present of the reason they drug their sixes out of the Fartsack at O dark 30!

The Thing!

SSH IC x15 Side straddle hop
OHP IC x15 overhead press
IW IC x15 Imperial walkers
On your six!
LBC’s IC x15 Little baby crunches
FK’s IC x15 Flutter Kicks

Plank >>>> cover the core principles of F3
LBAC’s IC x15 Fwd x15 Rev. Little baby arm circles
CP’s IC x 15 Cherry Pickers

4 Corners
Corner 1 = 10 Merkins
Corner 2 = 10 Carolina Dry Docks
Corner 3 = 10 Squats
Corner 4 = 10 Shoulder Taps

Repeat Same exercises x20 each

10 count

Round of Dora

Partner UP!
Line up on end of parking lot
Pax 1 does exercise & Pax 2 Runs to performs exercise to end of parking lot & Back – Switch!
50 LBC’s & Run
100 SSH & Karaoke
150 Flutter Kicks & Shuffle

Circle up under light!

Covered what F3 has meant to us and how to grow these small groups of men by continually EHing!

Count O Rama = 7

Name O Rama = 3 FNG’s

Ball of Man
YHC prayed us out
Many prayers for F3 guys- Hungryman passed away this week he was from shallotte nc and posted with us Timeshare pax for a long time, was present for the launch as well
Prayers for a fellow Pax near charlotte nc. hit with a softball and died this week, prayers for the family and the batter.
Prayers for Valvano’s dad
Prayers for Handstands cousins family who passed away from accidental firearm going off
Prayers for Handstands friend with a tumor that the doctors aren’t able to help with chemo or radiation

Mike Sutton now know as “Malpractice” 71 TRIPLE RESPECT!
Steve Dailey now known as “Horatio”
Derek Calhoun now known as “Trust Me”

Great day in the gloom
The text from these fine HIM were all positive and they can’t wait to post again!

Honor to Lead

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