New York Giants 24, Philadelphia Eagles 17

New York Giants 24, Philadelphia Eagles 17

Workout Date:





1st Base (AOQ), O'Douls, Skimmer (R), Judge Judy, Killington, Crabs, Chucky (FNG)

The Thang:

In a crushing defeat this Saturday, the New York Giants upset the Philadelphia Eagles in a come from behind victory at Lincoln Financial Field. After leading through the first three quarters of the game, the Eagles squandered a 17-3 lead in the fourth quarter through a series of turnovers, foolish penalties, and questionable coaching decisions. Local authorities lamented that they had greased their poles for nothing when asked for comment.

List of 15+ Funniest Philadelphia Eagles Memes

Conditions: Mid 50s, turning foggy during the course of the beatdown, with just a sliver of a moon.


15 Hairy Rockettes, IC

15 Side Straddle Hops, IC

15 Tempo Squats, IC

15 Willie Mays Hayes

15 Thru The Tunnel


Hedgehog asked for a recitation of the five core principals of an F3 Workout and was answered without hesitation.


15 Overhead Claps

15 Seal Claps


Mosey to the Cross

40 Step Ups

30 Rocky Balboas

20 Step Ups

10 Rocky Balboas

Mosey to the Big Lots, lining up on the first parking lot line

PAX choice:

2 Merkins per line, Bear Crawl between


4 Squats per line, Lunge Walk between

Mosey to the Block Pile to collect coupons and returned to the back lot and partnered up for some AMRAP DORA, 3 Rounds of each Set

First Set

1st PAX does block dips while second PAX moseys to the second light, then switches to Merkins while they mosey back. PAX swap duties until each has completed three rounds.

Second Set

Same as the first, but with top half curls on the way down and full curls on the way back

Third Set

This time the exercises were Overhead Presses and Squats with or without blocks.

Returned Coupons to Block Pile and Circled Up for

MARY (Pax Choice)

15 LBCs (O’Douls)

15 Flutter Kicks (1st Base)

15 Freddie Mercuries (Judge Judy

10 Outlaws



Naming of FNG

As the FNGs favorite team is the Raiders, he was christened as Chucky in reference to former coach John Gruden