No-bake Spiced Cheesecake

No-bake Spiced Cheesecake

Workout Date:





Cubby, Viagra, Handstand, Quicksand, Manziel

The Thang:

Conditions: Temp said 41 when I left my house in Tabor City but for some reason Viagra shows up with shorts on.

5 minutes before I arrive I get a text from Cubby saying, “AO is blocked off.” I guess some crazy loons are running 5 or 10k’s, so they think they can stop us #HIM from getting to our AO.

So we adjust, instead of plowing through the road blocks and flattening their finish line.

We all park at the horseshoe parking lot at the end of main.

COP: (Cubby and myself are dealing with left arm injuries or just excuses)

25 side straddle hops
15 through the tunnel
15 LBAC (to warm up the shoulders for the coming beatdown)
15 LBAC (reverse)
15 Overhead claps
Plank position to stretch calves, right over left, then left over right.

Mosey to parking garage
Each floor different burpees.(Cubby say’s he might not be able to do burpees, so he just supervises, not really but I’m not sure what he did)

1st floor regular
2nd floor burpee with a plank jack
3rd floor Peter Parker burpee
4th floor Apollo Creed (I mentioned to Cubby he should be able to do these since they are one arm burpees)
5th floor bropees (jumping high five partner)
6th floor burp and merk (1merk then 2…so on)
7th floor circle burp (circle up, high knees, each pax says down then burpee)
At the top floor we do wall sits with overhead presses 15 in cadence
Take the stairs back down

——–First Phase complete———

We begin our mosey to the gravel parking lot but YHC quads were on fire so we made a pitstop to do calf raises

Now to the gravel lot to do step ups on wooden posts.

Then mosey to Mclean park to do 11’s
Curls with tables and pull ups (many modifications made by all)

——–Second Phase complete——–

Back to the fake AO

PAX choice for ab work.

Cubby starts with 25 flutter kicks

Quicksand (who I might say has too much energy in the gloom) does protractor, many different angles

HandStand picks a plank various, nobody knows the name for so I’m naming them the plank boxcutter.
Viagra true to form picks the American hammers

YHC picks LBCs

Back to Cubby and we get big boys

Quicksand (who still has too much energy) calls out leg throws? On six legs up then down middle, left, right, left, left, left, left, left, right, right, right….you get the point.


——–Beatdown complete——–

Gave a devotional from Romans 6 again, this time from the portion of verses 15-18.

As Christian men we are no longer slaves to sin but we have been made free by the blood of Christ to be a slave to Him.



Prayed out!

For His Glory!

*If the title threw you off. It comes because I had to print out the burpee section so I could remember but my wife had put a recycled sheet back in the printer. Of course if my wife is printing something it’s a recipe and the title was No-bake Spiced Cheesecake. She thought it was quite hilarious when I showed her.*

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