No Complaints!

No Complaints!

Workout Date:





Baggage, Fergie, Humpback, Kiwi (Double Respect), Manziel (Respect), Snips (Respect) & Lombardi (Respect/QIC)

The Thang:

While en route to The Mothership a plan B was formulated due to the elements and what Mother Nature was delivering at 0450 hrs. Upon arrival all PAX were staying dry in their vehicles and upon my exit from my automobile all PAX stepped out to receive the one-minute warning.


The instructions were given to begin the mosey to the nearby parking deck where we would of course find shelter and the alternative location when Mother Nature delivers the moisture.


SSH x 20 (IC)

IW x 20 (IC)

Windmill x 20 (IC)

TTT x 20 (IC)

LBAC (fwd) x 15 (IC)

LBAC (rev) x 15 (IC)

Upon completion of the COP all PAX were instructed to mosey to the top level of the parking deck (uncovered) where all would complete burpees 10x (OYO) with a mosey back to the ground level and then a wall sit until all PAX returned.

YHC then shared the following five (5) exercises that would be completed “you vs you” as my rounds within the allotted ten minutes:

Merkins – 20x

V-Ups – 20x

Squats – 20x

LBC’s – 20x

Lunges – 20x (10x/each leg)

Upon completion all PAX participated in a wall sit and then a mosey to the end of the first level of the parking deck. YHC then shared the following five (5) exercises that would be completed for Round #2 and as many rounds as the PAX could complete within the allotted ten minutes:

Prisoner Squat – 20x

BBSU – 20x

Jump Squat – 20x

LBC’s – 20x

Mountain Climbers – 20x (two-count)

Once all PAX were finished with Round #2, the PAX vacated the parking deck and began the brief mosey back to the start point. Upon arrival time was called by YHC.


Count Off (6) followed by Name-O-Rama


July 16 – Freed to Bleed . . . Blood Donation at Coptic Church off of CF Blvd.

July 31 – The Sasquatch thanks to F3 ENC! For more information go to: @f3enc on the Twitter Machine.

June 26 – The Spartan Event . . . see Rousey for more information.

October 8-10 – F3 Ten Year Anniversary Event in the F3 Cape Fear Region! For more information go to:

Prayer Requests were shared and BOM followed w/ YHC closing out in a word of prayer.


It’s been awhile since I’ve completed one of these BB’s so glad to know the username and password haven’t been cancelled but more importantly thankful for the PAX who came out in the gloom despite the rain and moisture. While making the trek to the top of the parking deck I was certain I was going to hear some complaining but there was none and I acknowledged that with the PAX and laughter ensued after learning there was some that didn’t make it to my ears. Nonetheless in my mind there was no complaining (Geno and Bling were obviously not in attendance) and I’m thankful for the hard work the PAX put in. I look forward to leading again soon.

Aye! Lombardi . . . Out!

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