No Double Dutch Here!

No Double Dutch Here!

Workout Date:





Vitamin D, Humpback, Beefsteak, Boxcar, Weezer, Brownbag, Rubber, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: Cool. 53 degrees and clear.

Boxcar is persistent and great at filling the #Village Q sheet so when he asked, YHC jumped at the opportunity to Q a Thursday since it is Q-Source day every Thursday at the Village.  YHC also thought he had two FNGs lined up but found that one injured himself riding a mechanical bull and the other was a no show.  The Village is not home base for YHC so some time was spent reading previous backblasts while keeping in mind a potential FNG.  Something fun to do is look up historical events for the Q date. Black Thursday Oct 24, 1929 and Bloody Friday Oct 24, 2008 were pretty bad days in the stock market as measured by the Dow Jones…hmmm…don’t want to relive that so YHC grabbed his box of jump ropes and thought burpees are always a hit so load up the play list and lets roll!

YHC showed up about 10 minutes early, followed by AOQ Boxcar. Getting close to time and it seemed it may only be the two of us  but as the 1 minute warning came, Beefsteak and Rubber showed up and right about time…or maybe a minute after, Humpback, Weezer and Vit D Showed…then Brown Bag came roaring in as we started. YHC will note the time zone differences for future beatdowns.

1 minute warning –



SSH x 20 IC

TTT x20 IC

Windmills x15 IC

Straddle Stretch – R – C – L

IW x 20 IC

Merkins x22 IC

Partner up and grab 1 jump rope per group

1st partner will run the parking lot and do 5 burpees in each of the 4 corners while partner 2 jumps rope.

Rinse and Repeat for 5 sets.  (5 Burpees modified to 4 for sets 3-5)

Burpees x12 OYO (to make an even 100 for the day)

Modified Dora (time was running short…original plan called for a block workout)

-partner runs short loop

50 Merkins

75 squats

100 BBSUs

Circle up for Merkin Ring of Fire…or Growing Merkin Wave (Socastee Wrestlers just call this Team Pushups)

Everyone in a circle in plank position.  1st PAX does one Merkin.  2nd PAX calls out 2 Merkins.  3rd PAX calls out 3 Merkins and so on until the circle is complete.

Announcements- Christmas Party Dec 7- Boxcar’s Soccer Team will be raising money for a trip and will offer onsite baby sitting during the Christmas party.

Prayers –

Texas Ranger’s foot injury during half marathon.  Safe travels for Rubber.  Headgear’s business partner’s daughter will be going through treatment for an autoimmune disease.


Its always an honor to lead the great #HIM of F3 Grand Strand.  YHC recommends that everyone attend and Q beatdowns at different AOs.  YHC still has a few AOs on the list that need to be attended.  Today was an opportunity for YHC to meet recent FNG Weezer.  As always, this was a good beatdown and he held in there and crushed it!  And its always great to post with fellow Star Course Rucker, Boxcar.  Brownbag (Respect) and  Beefsteak, a top contender for the IPC, are PAX that always lead the way and give the rest of us someone to try and keep up with!  Also, hanging around for Q-Source with Vit D, Humpback and Rubber was well worth the extra 10-15 minutes!  Today’s leadership discussion amongst these #HIM was impactful!  Thank you all for the opportunity to lead!




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