No malaria this time…but what did these goose eat?!?!

No malaria this time…but what did these goose eat?!?!

Workout Date:





Valvano, Weedeater, Flash, Bubbles, Peterbilt, Hawkeye (Respect)(Davidson), Floyd (Durham/Churham), Bling, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Hot.  Humid.  Sheesh.

The Warthog Q sheet was empty for the rest of the month as of Thursday, which is rare for Warthog.  So Lombardi turned it up a notch and starting filling it.  For some reason, today stayed open.  Weekend before school?  The eclipse?  Dad camp?  Probably some combination, but YHC had a #WeinkeInABag from Wednesday at #BombSquad which gave the Pathfinder crew another opportunity for some pre-ruck miles and another WOD, along with a brutal Q that pleased/killed ruckers and runners alike; so I jumped on the sheet.

Bling, Valvano and YHC got in our 4 miles in less than an hour, really pushing the pace.

Then, we set up the coupon station, and the cones around the field.  There were a multitude of coupons for our using pleasure:
80lb Kettlebell
2 x 50lb Kettlebells
45lb Fancy GORUCK Sandbag (courtesy of Valvano)
2 x 22.4lb pavers
30lb ruck plate
50lb Log
55lb Log (courtesy of Bling)
Later on we added a ~20′ (?) bench from the bleachers, which Floyd stepped on while doing some step ups, and apparently it was not bolted in so it popped up and barely missed Flash, who pulled a #MatrixStyle move barely avoided a trip the ER.  Another example of why he earns that nickname every time he posts.  #GladIGaveAFullDisclaimer

So after everything was set up, we cruised back to the parking lot, looking for Varsity, Billboard, Studebaker, Bam Bam, Boom Boom, Podcast, Static, Mr. Jingles, Wolverine, and a slew of other MIA PAX.  None of them were there.  Weedeater was there early to bike with Billboard and Studebaker, or in this case, alone.  Flash missed #BeachBells yesterday, so he was sporting his tank today!  Bubbles came in biking like usual on Saturdays.  Peterbilt looked #BA in his #SleevelessLikeCheech shirt (much better choice than Wednesday! – he asked if the workout was similar to Wednesday.  I told him, not similar, the same.  So he got his weight vest out!)  The familiar faces of #DR PAX -Hawkeye and Floyd in town for their yearly conference – great having them with us!  Bling changed clothes.  Valvano was super excited to do this beatdown again.

1 minute warning

The DISCLAIMER was given

COP (no rucks)
SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
Tempo squats x 20 IC
Tempo Merkins x 20 IC
On your 6
Flutters x 20 IC
LBC’s x 25 OYO
Plank, Low Plank, Plank
Prisoner squats x 10 IC

Mosey to the coupon pile

I told the men to separate into runners and ruckers and told the men to partner up and while 1 moved, the other would do AMRAP various exercises.
You versus You; Use good form; Don’t cheat yourself; Make yourself better; work hard and push yourself
The ruckers basically divided into two groups (YHC and Valvano, and then Bling and Peterbilt) and the runners had their set up.  While one group rucked across the football field, the other did the AMRAP exercise and then flap jacked.  They were to also grab a coupon each time, and mix up what was grabbed
The runners had to run around half the perimeter of the football field. Sometimes the runners also chose to grab a coupon for their run.  Sometimes they did this all around the perimeter.  Sometimes they went back and forth.  I think they all got introduced to the 80lb KB!  Bubbles curled it!!!  (Sort of).  Floyd carried both logs 1 time.  Weedeater and Flash both ran around with a log held high overhead.  Some of them grabbed the bleacher bench which was pretty funny – not heavy, but so long it was awkward (Um…#HeardAtF3?)  Hawkeye was killing everything he did – always an inspiration to have #Respect PAX smoking us!

Overall, it was an impressive site with runners and ruckers alike lifting and moving heavy heavy stuff and rucking/running.  The ruckers were so beat at times, they took a ruckless running lap just to sort of have a break.  Peterbilt hauled tail around the perimeter several times, with his vest and at a nice clip.
Side note: Anyone who has posted at #Warthog knows we have a #GoosePoopProblem.  Well apparently, the eating was good last night, because the field had way more poop than grass on it today.  #AwfulStench

Here were the exercises set out to hit all body parts:
1 legged Step ups
Incline Merkins
American Hammers
Prisoner Squats
Carolina Dry Docks
Plank Hold

We did this for around 43 minutes taking us to 7:53, so with around 7 minutes left, YHC wanted to try something.
Destroy your chest.  (no rucks)
Step 1. Max merkins, full ROM, fast.  When you can’t do more, immediately do…
Step 2. Hold chest 4-6″ off the ground until collapse.  Then,
Step 3. Basically tempo negative merkins – go down in a 3 count, drop knees, push up, do it again. Do these until failure.   This really maxed out and pumped the chest.  I liked it, hope everyone else did too.
Hold feet 6″ on the 6.

Flutters x 15 IC
10 Burpees OYO
1 minute Turkish Get-ups AMRAP


Count-O-Rama – 9, with 2 visitors
Prayer requests for Weedeater’s Dad
Prayer requests for Valvano’s niece
Prayer requests for Daphne and family
Prayer requests upspoken

– Once again, this workout was hard!  The hour was brutal.  Everyone kicked butt.  The DR guys were smoking it.  The locals were cranking reps out. Nobody shied away from the 80lb KB or the log(s).
– Penelope was not there.  #JustSaying

Honor and Privilege to lead!!
Plant, Grow & Serve

– Be sure to check out our regional website.  All local information will be on that!
– Original logo shirt order is live – see the Region News post.  Lombardi still trying to get the Mesh Half Shirt Option
– Various CSAUP events coming up locally in October and November – check the region news on our website


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