No music, and no PAX??

No music, and no PAX??

Workout Date:





Hoser, Rousey, Rambling Wreck (F3Aiken), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Low 50’s but breezy so we put on an extra layer.  Except for Rousey.  He was basically naked.  With a knee brace.  #MyEyes

YHC pulled in expecting to see huge numbers.  High Interest and Podcast had HC’d.  No shows.  Peterbilt was supposed to be there.  No show.  Valvano was a bit sick, but took Tuesday off to post today.  No show.  It’s hard for Lombardi’s on Wednesdays, but I always hope to see him.  No show.  Bling and Geno are in DC, so those are valid excuses.  Penelope said he would at least show for the COT.  He did not.  Bluegrass, Billboard, and Whittle were there – but were biking.  Ugh.  But they do have the AR to train for so that’s acceptable.  Nobody saw Weedeater.  Turn can’t show on Wednesdays, but I told him yesterday I would see him tomorrow to trick him and he said ok.  O well.  Studebaker posted (in Slack) and YHC was hopeful his never train but show up for an event and do great attitude was changing.  Nope.  Still not there today, but he’ll be at the Tough in April.  Cheesy must have forgotten cause he loves rucking with us!!!  Dabo must be prepping for his VQ Friday.  Flop.  Don’t know.  Lamont seems to have forgotten all about us.  Quaker gave me an emphatic NO last night at #3rdF.  I could go on and on.  But I think I’ve made my point.

Anyhow, I was glad to see Rousey pre-rucking the 0430 start time to loosen up his knees.  And a face I didn’t know – who had to be Rambling Wreck that I had been DM’ing with helping him out with where to post while #DR.  Since his 1st GORUCK event is in 10 days, figured #WaverRucker was the place to be!  He should be at #TheVillage tomorrow so look out for him there men!  And of course our resident rucking animal – Hoser.

I had multiple coupons in the car, again, with the expectation all would be used had men shown up, but hey, we modified with 4 men.

1 minute warning and disclaimer given


We grabbed 2 coupons to alternate every 1/2 mile – the 40 lb and 60 lb sandbags

We rucked.  After 10 steps, Rousey said we didn’t have music.  He must miss #ThisIsMyFightSong as much as I did.  It’s funny how we take Geno for granted sometimes.  Sure, he posts sporadically, and actually works out even less than that.  But he is a consistent source of excellent tunes at #WaveRucker.  You(r music) was missed today.

We went down to the planes, circling them and checking out how awesome they were and came back and wound up in the parking deck.  Why?  Steepage.  Getting that uphill aspect is needed to make us better.

So we stopped at the 1st level and dropped the sandbags.  We did 7’s.  1 Merkin ruck to top of that level, pushing through the incline, 6 squats.  Back down, 2/5, etc.  Some BBSU’s on the 6.

Grab the bags and go up another level.  2 nice speed bumps marking our distance on this incline level.  Lunge walk from 1 to the other.  Reverse lunge walk back.  #Suckage   This is hard.  Rousey valiantly pushed through with his bum knees.

To reward Rousey, we next bear crawled from 1 to the other and then crawl beared back.

Grab sandbags, next level was flat so we just rucked it to the next.  Incline.  A speed bump in the distance.

Everyone strip.  Their rucks.  Rousey was already wearing next to nothing anyhow.

2 men planked while the other 2 grabbed 2 rucks and farmer walked em to the distant speed bump and then back.  Hoser modified this to a double overhand straight arm hold up and walk back.  Flapjack  #Nice  #Brutal

Then we grabbed everything again and went up to the top for some stargazing – but it was too cloudy for that, so we did work instead.

Tempo Squats x 20 IC
Rucks to front – Squat x 20 OYO
Rucks still on front – Good mornings x 20 OYO
Walk to wall.  Wall sit awhile.  Rousey started talking about the XO retreat this weekend.  It sounded nice.  So YHC used that story as the timer.  Without telling anyone.  So Rousey talked and talked.  When he took a break, I had the men recover and then go into an OH hold while Rousey continued to talk.  Told him we were on his timetable and would be done when his story was over.  After 19 minutes….JK.  He finished pretty rapidly and we then squatted with the OH hold.

After this we curled our rucks 20x (either 10 each arm or 20 2 arm), did tricep extensions with them (either 10 each arm or 20 2 arm), shrugged them 10x each arm, upright rowed them 10x, got on our 6’s, flutter kicked 20x IC, and with a special request from Hoser to assist his hip, we did hello dolly’s x 15 IC.

Up, grab sandbags, down the parking deck to the roadway, swap sandbags, rest of the way in!

Time.  6:08.
Distance right at 4 miles
Bodies – Swole

Count-O-Rama – 4 (details found above)
Prayer requests for marriages
Prayer requests for Brother Sawdust and family
Prayer requests unspoken

– Great meeting Rambling Wreck today!  Good luck in Savannah!  Come back for the MB T/L in April
– Strong strong work as always by Hoser and Rousey!

– Lunch today at Dagwoods!!  Noon.  #TaterTots
– Team Dad Thursday at Riverside!  Get with Beaker.  He needs some HC’s!!
– Be sure to check out our regional website. All local information is on that!  The events page is getting filled up!!!  Try to attend CSAUPS, 2ndF events, convergences, etc!!! So much more than a workout group!!
– Bluegrass – thought of, organized, got sponsors for, and is essentially running the entire International Drive 1st Annual Road Race. 5K, 10K, Kid Fun Run.  Sunday, April 29.  Talk to him for coupon code.  Medals courtesy of Bling, so you know they will be incredible.  Probably a bear fighting a car with all the issues surrounding paving this road.  #CanWeRuckIt?
– Dragon Boat coming.  Saturday, April 28.  So, make it a fun F3 Family weekend!!!  We have 1 full boat of 20 men.  Would love to have a 2nd, and already have a few HC’s.  We need some more.  Sign up, and come have some fun!  Get more information here!
– MudRun coming!!!  May 19!!  4 man teams!!!  Set em up or just get your info up here!  Skidmark is our local Q!  He has a hotel rate.
– 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CONVERGENCE for F3GrandStrand.  June 9.  #Warthog.  BE THERE!


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