No Running, No Merkins, No Problem!

No Running, No Merkins, No Problem!

Workout Date:



Rousey (Respect)


Streaker, Geno (Respect), Huey, CandyCane, Texas Ranger (Co-ComZ Q), Pikachu (3F Co-Q), Jetah (2F Co-Q), Castaway (AOQ), and QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 70s, low humidity, perfect!

YHC (QIC)’s second time at the helm to lead #ThePlank (TP) #HIM since they moved to this sweet new location of Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium!  YHC’s right knee was a bit worse for wear from the inaugural Hightower  5K and beatdown a few Saturdays ago, so today we’d change it up and do a brutal bearcrawl focused beatdown YHC let loose several years ago  upon the Pax when YHC couldn’t run (not even a trot, shimmy or sash’ my knee was so jacked).  Welcome to F3, mission, and disclaimer.  Warm up with the usual suspect of exercises IC.  Warm ups completed, grab #coupons (full cinder block / CB), Pax assembled on the DS Football Field right corner of the end zone, and then we channeled our inner bears…


SEGMENT 1: Bearcrawl around the perimeter of the football field with pain stations.

QIC lead Pax on an Indian Bearcrawl (BC) along the width of the near side end zone.  Upon reaching the corner, QIC had Pax do 10 Squats, 7 BBSUs, 3 Burpees (10-7-3).  RR waiting on the 6.  QIC instructed Pax that we’d traverse the perimeter of  the field with the above pain stations along the way and the rest protocol (if necessary) was to cease the BC, do 5 LBCs and then run catch up to the group.  Pax went 1/2 of the length then did the 10-7-3.  Then to the corner of the far side end zone then 10-7-3.  Crawlbear (CB) the width of the end zone moving CCW to the corner and then 10-7-3.  RR the length to the 1/2 way point then 10-7-3.  And finally BC all the way to the starting point then 10-7-3.  QIC then circled up the Pax grabbing their CB and ea. Pax lead 5 4-ct. Flutter Kicks IC with either overhead CB hold or continuous press.  10-ct.

SEGMENT 2: BC the width of the football field at the near side end zone and CB back with pain stations.

QIC (in similar fashion as above) had Pax Indian BC width of end zone then 10-7-3.  Then we did an about face and CB back to the start point then 10-7-3.  QIC then circled up the Pax grabbing their CB and ea. Pax lead 5 4-ct. of Flutter Kicks and Curls IC alternating said exercises between Pax.

Cool down, stretching and began the COR.


COR – 9
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: A ton of awesome stuff put on by the new 2021 Shared Leadership Team!  Please get on Slack and see all the amazing events happening now and on the horizon from all the Fs …too much to list…YUGE!!

NMMS: Strong work today!  BC and CB are brutal both physically as well as mentally taxing!  YHC thinks the CB was the #crowdpleaser as my glutes are nice and tight (Patrick Swayze angular buttocks tight) as I key this.

NMMS2: QIC gave the TP crew a sneak peek of tonight’s discussion points — Disruption, Language and Groups — as we re-launch Q-Source (see Slack…especially the #qsource-2122 channel) — all are invited!

Honor to lead!



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