No Running*

No Running*

Workout Date:





Bubbles, Rousey, King James (2.0), OneCall, Weedeater, Karma, GreaseMonkey, NoBars(DR - Greenville), Liberace, Milkman(R, DR- Lake Murray), Sleepy(R), Fergie, BoxCar, Flop, 50-50, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 80 degrees, 93% Humidity

When AOQ, #Disconnect, asks you to Q at Warthog, you Q at Warthog.  Put myself in for the 1st day and last day of the month at this awesome AO.  After a long hard week of getting after it and an intense end to the #EliteFriday workouts yesterday with a beatdown put down by #Sunshine, YHC starting thinking we could take a nap for our beatdown, then texts starting coming in…”what are we doing tomorrow?”, “are we running?”, “how many burpees are we doing?”, “should I wear pants?”….weird right…the PAX who sent these will remain nameless.  YHC also knew that #50-50 would be Q’ing the GORUCK JULY OneTeam callout….on AUGUST 1.  No worries.  He called for 4-6 miles over 75 minutes.   Got it.  Minimal running for this Q…how bout a weight circuit. I have the toys and ready to load them up the night before then realizing…no coupon sharing…COVID Rules.  Okay.  Hmmm.  Sat in front of the computer staring at the AO map and workout ideas…that went no where…but YHC had just the thing.   #Weinke is prepared.

Ruck went well with 50-50 on Q, Flop, Podcast and YHC were present.  Good conversation over 4.6 miles.

1 minute warning


Mosey over the bridge to the palm trees.

SSH x25 IC

IW x15 IC

Burpees x5 OYO

Windmills x10 IC

TTT x15 IC

Merkins x22 OYO

Mosey to Garage – Meet at the elevator

10 burpees and mosey to the next level x5

Partner up for Doras at the last incline (top to the 2nd speed bump)

100 Merkins (changed on the fly from something much worse)

200 BBSUs

300 Squats

Everyone was smoked here waiting on a few PAX that were emphasizing proper form over speed.  PAX were told to pick up the 6, plank, wall sit or hold Al Gore and to slow their breathing.

10 Burpees and mosey to the far end of the top deck.

Circle up here.

Explanation of the next phase of this workout – breathing work, short #Broga session, some PT, some Dr. K form and mobility work.

YHC is no yogi but has been to a few classes and with the help of the Warrior Yoga book and the internet, came up with a short flow.

Stand up straight, tighten core.

Box Breathing 4-4-4-4 for 5-6 reps.  (YHC was ready to #Merlot at this point so this was shortened by a few reps)

10-12 minute #Broga Flow to include Charlie’s Angels aka, SunSalutations, Warrior poses, Upward Dog, Downward Dog, high planks, low planks, triangles, etc.  (disclaimer, YHC doesn’t know all the proper names of these poses)

Some merkins worked in through high and low planks.

Some squats worked in as well per Dr K, feet pointed forward, screw your feet into the ground so that knees will slightly point outward during the movement but toes forward.  Down to 90 degree angle, knees over toes, pulling weight back to do so.  Did a few of these “proper form” squats holding at the bottom.

Finished off this session with enough time to head back to the virtual Shovel Flag.


Count-O-Rama 16


Announcements: New AO – #TheOyster Mon/Wed 0700-0745 – Surfside Beach – Bill Martin Park, New AO – #TheSafeHouse – Wed 0530-0615 – Virtual Zoom Session, #FreedToBleed date looks like Oct 30 at Carolina Forest Rec Center (Thanks to #Bluegrass and #Bling for getting this location), Rumors still circulating about a spring #GrowRuck on the GrandStrand,  Watch the GrowRuck 17 Documentary on Thursday, August 6th at 8PM. Set up a watch party.  Link is on Slack.

Prayers – Spoken and Unspoken.


Awesome AO.  Awesome group!  Great to have DR PAX, #Milkman and #NoBars join us! #50-50, well, what can you say.  YHC wasn’t sure his ruck was still happening until rolling in at 0528 this morning to see #50-50 gearing up.  Definitely didn’t think he was sticking around for the beatdown but he did!  Great to have you out with us!  #Flop was supposed to Q at #Timeshare but he dropped them when he found out YHC was on Q at #Warthog…or maybe he wanted to do the callout ruck.  Either way, he stuck around for the hardest part of the beatdown before cutting back to the  Virtual ShovelFlag.  #Rousey and #KingJames were out doing some ruck work on their own this morning getting after it and also stuck around for the beatdown.  When YHC started this F3 journey, he thought #Warthog was Rousey’s home AO and now he’s claiming #TheSafeHouse.  Not sure what AO #KingJames is claiming but once the world gets back to high school and youth sports, no one will be able to touch him!  #OneCall is hurting from head to toe and might not have wanted to run at all but pushed through with proper form.  #Weedeater is also a beast that can go out and work in the sun all day after a punishing beatdown where he practiced proper form the whole way through.  #GreaseMonkey and #Liberace both on their 2nd posts may not have known what to expect but to be honest, neither did YHC this morning.  They both pushed through with great work.  #Sleepy, a runner by build, has come around to the burpees, squats and Merkins and can push himself through.  #Bubbles can run for miles but is made of wood so he told YHC that the #Broga was the hardest part of the workout.  Glad he didn’t break.  #BoxCar is YHC’s rucking partner and knows this  PAX can push through a workout…as long as its not raining.. he crushed it today.  #Karma, the man who’s shirt comes off quicker at COT than #Flop dropping his Q at #Timeshare, is a stud that has become better every post and is now #FreedToLead as the AOQ of #TheOyster.  #Fergie is on a similar path and after only a few months is crushing it.  Every workout is as hard as you make it and the PAX put in work today!  Also, always read the fine print.

Great work!  Honored to lead these #HIM!  Thank you for the opportunity!



*No running means no IndianRuns, JailBreaks, long runs around the AO.  PAX will still need to #Mosey from point A to point B and there might be Doras or 11’s and stuff.





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