Not So Lazy Dora

Not So Lazy Dora

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Sunshine, Skimmer (Respect), Rubber, Mudslide, Humpback, Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 74/humid/ some light rain

YHC showed up a little earlier to the AO to check out the conditions. It was definitely humid and you could tell that it could start pouring at anytime, but it also had a feel like it could hold off for a while and we could luck out. Luckily I had a weinke that was easily modifiable for the weather. Sunshine was the first to arrive, followed by Skimmer and Rubber, and then a car that I didn’t recognize. It was none other than our former Grand Strand and now Republic brother Mudslide! Had the pleasure of going through a double Q beatdown led by him and Goldberg a month or so ago, so it was good to see him back in the old stomping grounds. Humpback showed up in the middle of the COP to make it 6, perfect for what I had in mind.

1 minute warning




10 Merkins IC

20 Windmills IC

10 Merkins IC


10 Merkins IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Merkins IC

21 LBAC (Forward) IC #lostcount

20 LBAC (Reverse) IC

10 Merkins IC

Indian Run around the AO, finish up under the awning

DORA 1,2,3:

Originally planned on a Lazy Dora with no running, but since the weather was holding up for the moment I decided to change on the fly so we could get some running in:


Partner 1: 10 Walkout Merkins (“walk out” on your hands to plank, merkin, walk back towards your feet = 1 rep)

Partner 2: Runs to far soccer goal by the fence (Approx. 100 yards) and back

200: Started to sprinkle a little right at the end of the 100 set, so now we can switch back to the lazy dora

P1 – LBC (5 rounds of 20 each)

P2 – Flutterkicks


P1 – Squats (6 rounds of 25 each)

P2 – Hold Al Gore

Conveyor Belt: Each pax calls out an exercise and then runs to the midfield line and back

Sunshine – Burpees

Skimmer – Merkins

Rubber – Mountain Climbers

Humpback – Plank Jacks

Mudslide – Turkish Get Ups

Texas Ranger – SSH

5 Min. of Mary: Little bit of Pax choice

Texas Ranger– 25 Crunchy Frogs IC

Humpback– 25 American Hammers IC

Rubber – 1 min. low plank

Sunshine – 20 BBSU OYO

Skimmer- 15 merkins IC

Mudslide – 20 Banana Hammocks OYO



Count-O-Rama: 6


Announcements: Convergence on Sat (6/15/19) at Warthog. Salty Gears prior to beatdown and coffeeteria post beatdown. Bring an FNG! 2.0 workouts are starting today (6/11), check slack for more details!

Prayer requests: Work transitions for Humpback and Sunshine. Work issues for Mudslide.


Moleskin: Great push and effort by all! Honor to lead!

Texas Ranger

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