Not to Touch the Earth, Not to See the Sun, Nothing Left to Do but Run Run Run

Not to Touch the Earth, Not to See the Sun, Nothing Left to Do but Run Run Run

Workout Date:





Sunshine, Crankbait, Shatter, Rice-burner, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: 74 degrees, Low Humidity, Perfect.

YHC woke this morning with The Doors playing in his head. It was a bit of a struggle  getting motivated after a week long hiatis, but I found my running shoes and hustled down to the Hulk with barely a minute to spare. Upon my arrival I saw Sunshine, Crankbait, and Shatter(#Tclaps). We circled up for some pre-run chattered about last nights tornado warning as Rice-Burner(#Tclaps) came in hot. Sunshine was still nursing his back and Rice-burner and Shatter were 1st timers to Hulkamania so we knew our paces would vary.

5:30 arrived and we were off.  Sunshine lead the way up and over the bridge. Shatter and YHC kept pace. Crankbait picked up the six with Rice-burner (#nomanleftbehind).

At the bottom of the bridge, Sunshine (#IR) peeled off to join Crainbait and Rice-burner; Shatter and I continued as the leaders.  When Sunshine met the other PAX, Crankbait ran double time and joined Shatter and YHC.

As we continued to run some separation occurred between the PAX  so  Crankbait and YHC began running improvised intervals (run 20-25 yrds ahead of fellow PAX, then circle back, rinse and repeat) for the remainder of the run. This kept all PAX in visible contact and helped push everyone.

The turn was made at the 22 minute mark as we kept running.

As we descended the bridge we passed Bobsled leading Christian Academy C.C. Team (#Tclaps) in the opposite direction.

All PAX completed the circuit by 6:15ish.

By the Numbers:           4.24 miles @ 11:53 minute pace for 45 minutes

8.2 miles @ 9.2 minute pace for 75 minutes 36 seconds (including post-run)


Announcements: Labor Day Beat Down @BombSquad



Moleskin: Great to be back running with a great group of HIM. Special thanks to Shatter and Rice-burn for stepping up and joining us (#ISI)

Post-run: Crankbait after the COT wanted to put in another 30 minute run. YHC had the time so . .. .”Yes” (#whynot).

Quote of the Day: “Comparison is the thief of Joy” – Teddy Roosevelt



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