Nothing Quite Like A Wet Baseball Field

Nothing Quite Like A Wet Baseball Field

Workout Date:





Flop, Hot Tub, Vitamin D, Ms Pacman, Quaker

The Thang:

Conditions: 80’s, Humid, and thanks to some late night storms WET

YHC, like many pax, is on a mission to earn the elusive F3 Grandstrand Patch.  So YHC decided to return to Bombsquad and get another traveling Q under his belt.  YHC had to re-scout the area earlier in the week to decide what pain he would bring.  But, even after planning and thinking, YHC still can’t figure out why the beatdown starts at 6am on Saturday and not 7am like all other AO’s.

YHC rolled into an empty parking lot at 5:40 and wondered if the rain would scare the pax off.  At about 5:45 Quaker rolled in, slowly followed by the remaining pax.  Flop immediately noticed the speaker and seemed very excited as he knew what was coming.

5 minute warning…. 1 minute warning given

Disclaimer given and off for a quick lap to get everyone in the right mindset

Warmup: It was TABATA time for a warmup (20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest to high energy music)
LBC (this got everyone nice a wet)
Mountain Climbers
High Knees
Rinse and repeat

The Thang:  Mosey to the softball field (which needs some serious weed control)
BLIMP x5 x10 x15
Mosey to football field for 11’s
Dips x Squats
Step Ups x LBCs
Quick lap around the Church

Mary:  Pax choice around the circle x 2.  Thanks to Flop for the addition of Mr Burns to the Homer and Marge

Announcements:  Pelicans game on August 5th.  Get your money to Lombardi

BOM:  Prayers for Ms Pacman and his dog.  His dog has had surgery and it has been hard on him.  Also praise for Vitamin D completing his boards, we just have to wait 6 weeks for the results.


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