Off into the Wild blue Yonder.

Off into the Wild blue Yonder.

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Lombardi, OneCall, Karma,Bubbles, Skidmark, Billboard (respect), Headgear, TexasRanger, Gino, Huey, Flash, Stewie, Franklin, Spork, Fergie, Disconnect (YHQ)

The Thang:

You will have to forgive me, I have a lot to get out in this. So, fare warning.

Well………the anticipation had been looming for a few weeks. I keep getting the same question. How are you feeling?
My answer for the last week has been some where between, What the hell am I getting my self Into- let’s do this.
This week leaving my job at Spectrum/Time warner 9 years. Was easy. Tooooo easy. In fact not a tear was dropped, not a stray emotion. Got a free steak lunch form my sup, and that was that. I will miss the team I worked with. The group of guys I poured Into. The folks I’ve worked with for the last good bit…over all and all, to easy..

Last night into this morning. My emotions ran into sadness and joy all mixed into one. Leaving this AO and the HIM that I have grown to love, respect, follow, lead, laugh and cry with.  Watch men go form their first workout to leading there First Q, to the mumble chatter all along the way. Respect!

What does F3 mean to me?
If it wasn’t for this group of HIM around here… not just Warthog but Bombsquad, The Village, Blackbeard. I would not be where I am today, you all gave my Y purpose, you all showed me where I could go. How hard I could push myself, to take criticism, and become a better leader, follower and man. I could not get this all out after the name o Roma, due to all the emotion, of maybe never seeing you all again. Or at least for a year. Form the bottoms of my heart, to the deepest part of my soul, All of you have made an impact on me. AYE!

I didn’t get really any sleep last night and the Anxiousness has  really set in. So, not really falling asleep till 1am, 3 am? Not sure….. but I woke up at 0600 or so…. got dressed and made my way to the AO.
needed to warm up, caught backdraft and had a chance to say goodbye to him, as most of you know that bromance will live on forever. YOUR MY BOY BLUE!
noticed that my new “ basic” watch was off by 4 mins. Just one more thing I have to fix,

Was super stoked to see everyone showing up, and Frankline coming in on 2 wheels, was pretty nice.

One min warning,

0700 on the Dot, Proper disclaimer given and

we began.

25 SSH
20 I/W
5 burpees OYO
15 TTT
22 Merkins In cadence

Mosey to bridge
Tempo squat 15
Windmill 10
LBAC forward 20
OHC -20
LBAC reverse 20

Mosey to bridge.
Surf and turf
Crab walk up bridge
10 merkins
Bear crawl down.
LBC on the 6

Mosey to four corners.
20 squats
30 4 count SSH
40 2 count flutters
30 LBCs on the 6

Second Karaoke on the long sides
10 diamond merkins
20 sumo squats
30 high knees 2 count
30 flutters on the 6

a few months ago, pre Quarantine we had a sniper take Jingles ( respect) out….this time the sniper took out Huey, Headgear called air raid and we all hit the deck. Sniper was no where to be found.
T-Claps to Huey for doing what we would all do.
roll out of it, get up and keep going. If if your leg is broken, you get up and run.

10 wide arm merkins
20 prisoner squats
30 4 count mountain climbers
40 4 count LBCs
20 BBSU on the 6

Ending Surf and turf
Mosey back to bridge
Reverse crab walk up bridge
5 burpees
Crawl bear,
Flutters on the 6


Round of merry.
Every PAX max 15 reps.


Mosey back to Flag, Headgear and I tried to burn the last bit out, I was carrying my phone and almost sent the Emergency Panic Call out, my focus went elsewhere. Thanks for always pushing me Headgear, even when I don’t want it. I will always have you in the back of mind, As someone I would want to emulate as a leader and HIM. Can a brother get WWHGD bracelet?

Count off

Name O Roma

I tried to convey my deepest thanks to all of you. What this tribe has meant to me.
failed miserably, sucked it up best I could and handed the AO over to the new AOQ flash, flash, hundred yard dash.
I stepped out of the circle and allowed flash to finish.
Freed to Bleed

fill the Q sheet for October.
2nd F events for October.

flash prayed us out.
took a few pics and made sure all received a fist bump hardy handshake and a hug.

F3 means the world to me.
All the PAX around the F3 GrandStrand mean the world to me.

When I come back be prepared for a smoke fest.
as always,

It is my pleasure and My honor to have followed you  to have lead you.
hopefully not for the last time, but for a while.

Write your worries in the sand, chisel your victories in stone.


Over and Out.


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  1. Brother. Strong words. You have the respect of all the #HIM you have impacted here and will continue to impact everywhere. You showed strong leadership and dedication to the mission at all times. Honored to have worked out beside you many many times and the USAF is getting a great one. We look forward to hearing about your progress and seeing in the gloom in the future!!

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