One Call Clone

One Call Clone

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Beaker, Cubbie, Burgundy, Viagra (QIC)

The Thang:

I saved a One Call Q that he brought up here a while ago that sucked so I used it.  When I mentioned that I was using a One Call Q you could feel the Elation in the air.  Beaker headed for his car.  Kidding of course.  This was one of those 4 corners AMRAP, You against you that keeps you moving and your Abs in particular will remind you the next couple of days what took place and yes I left the Turkish Get-ups that I love so much in the mix.  So if I can find this Q and Copy and paste it will save me some typing.

SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Tempo Merkins x 15 IC
Flutters x 25 IC
Tempo Squats x 15 IC

Head across the street for The THANG
AMRAP all day – You versus You; push yourself!

1st round – Upper body PUMP
Start in the center; run to a corner; do 10 reps of exercise; Run back to center; do 5 burpees; next corner; exercise; center; burpees; etc etc

  • Merkins
  • CDD’s
  • Wide Arm Merkins
  • Diamond Merkins

2nd round – Legs
Same pattern – center this time was 10 jump squats

  • Squats
  • Prisoner Squats
  • Sumo squats
  • Reverse lunges (5 each leg)

Al Gore hold on the 6

3rd round – Core
Same pattern – center this time was 10 Heels to Heaven

  • LBCs
  • BBSU’s
  • Flutters (2 count)
  • Turkish Get-Ups [You are welcome Viagra!!]

22 Merkins for our Veterans to end – #22Kills

Run back to start and it was TIME!

Prayer request for Burgundy and his wife who brought in yet another foster child that they have seemingly really taken to.  Prayers that they will either find a good home for this child or possibly adopt.  Hats off to folks like Burgundy that bring needy children into their home to try to ensure they get the loving and proper environment that they deserve. Prayers for Beaker and family’s travels.

Fun to lead.  Until next time..

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