One tweet about my Weinke and everyone hits snooze!

One tweet about my Weinke and everyone hits snooze!

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Whittle, Runoff, High Cotton, Bob the Builder, Tag Team, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

I have been talking with F3Lexington (Lexington, KY) a lot over the last two days as they are going to finally have a launch and get the first AO started. Before coming to SC I was living in Lexington and I still visit the area a lot (hence the name Bluegrass) so I was very interested when OneCall passed on the good news. After a couple of messages back and forth I figured out that I would actually be in town during their launch and they started talking about me being on the Q sheet, it will likely be on the 4th week of the Launch so I immediately thought #SnotWoggler, like we did in week four of the Manning, SC launch. Naturally I wanted to start preparing 2 months ahead for a possible upcoming Q, sorry guys, blame F3Lexington for this morning sucking so bad. As I was preparing the #Weinke I wanted to include both a cardio exercise that focused on actual exercises rather than just running as well as some crazy HIIT stuff thrown in. This morning I was pumped up so I got there at about 4:30 to put out some cones and still be ready for the 4:35 pre-run but as I was wrapping up I noticed I was still the only person at the AO. 4:35 rolled around, nothing, no one, just me, one lonely pax circling the parking lots to stay in the areas with good lighting, it was a sad sight. I will refrain from calling out names like some have done, but just this once, next time it will be public humiliation all the way #Accountability. As I was running I had plenty of time to think and I kept passing a pile of concrete blocks on the back side of The Rock so next time around the building I took a quick count and decided we would use these in the #Weinke if we had enough. With about 5 or 10 minutes before the beatdown Whittle and Runoff showed up and decided to get a short pre-run in, thanks guys for not leaving me hanging. As I took my final lap I gave a yell for the one minute warning and finished the pre-run with just enough time to start the disclaimer. During the COP I counted as we worked out and took note that we had plenty of blocks to use and so the beatdown was set. We began with a fast cadence COP:
1. 25-SSHs IC
2. 15-Wind Mills IC
3. 15-Imperial Walkers
4. 15-Hillbillies IC
5. 15-TTT IC
6. Mosey to back of building to grab the blocks and then slow mosey with the blocks over to the grassy area near Big Lots.

7. AMRAP Block Party (4 rounds)
I took this routine from something OneCall had brought to Riviera about a year ago, this was when F3 was still new to me and it was on G-Strings first day. I remember the workout well because G-String told me numerous times that he was about to #Merlot at any moment. Maybe that’s why he never shows up now, slacker. Anyways, I wanted something tough that focused on exercises and lots of them so the plan was to AMRAP each exercise until you have to stop or if you begin to slow down and then switch to the next exercise. After the SSHs we used a jog of about 40 yards down and back as the recovery and then repeated for four rounds. The only change I made was that each PAX was to hold onto a concrete block for all exercises other than SSHs and the Jog. Yep, that’s right Burpees with a concrete block going overhead with full extension on the jump.
a. Burpees
b. Merkins
c. Donkey Kicks
d. SSHs

8. Interval Sprints (Need a name for this routine)
For the next routine we left the blocks in place and took off to the parking lot where I had marked off 100 yards with a cone every 10 yards. The goal is to focus on the sprint and give maximum effort there and rest on the mosey. After each round the last PAX crossing the 100 yard marker initiated a 10 count and as soon as we hit one we went on to the next round. Due to time we didn’t complete the whole set, our sequence of sprints was, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 70, 50, 30. To put this in perspective, we sprinted .32 miles or 570 yards with our only rest being the mosey portion which equaled about .25 miles or 430 yards. It was terrible…….
a. 30yd Sprint 70yd Mosey
b. 40yd Sprint 60yd Mosey
c. 50yd Sprint 50yd Mosey
d. 60yd Sprint 40yd Mosey
e. 70yd Sprint 30yd Mosey
f. 80yd Sprint 20yd Mosey
g. 90yd Sprint 10yd Mosey
h. 80yd Sprint 20yd Mosey
i. 70yd Sprint 30yd Mosey
j. 60yd Sprint 40yd Mosey
k. 50yd Sprint 50yd Mosey
l. 40yd Sprint 60yd Mosey
m. 30yd Sprint 70yd Mosey

After the sprint exercise we moseyed back to get the blocks and then circled up for exactly 6 minutes of Mary. We had the blocks so we might as well use them. Flutter kicks were performed holding the block in the air, V ups were performed by bringing the block behind your head and then to your toes and the American hammers were done holding the block at chest level and rotating it with your core movement.
9. 25-Flutter kicks IC
10. 10-V ups OYO
11. 15 American Hammers IC
12. 20-Flutter Kicks IC
13. 10 V ups OYO
14. 10 American Hammers IC

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Colossians 3:23
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  1. Poor Lexington. LOL. Glad that will work out! They are fortunate to have your energy for the launch. They are unfortunate to have you delivering the #Snotwoggler!

    And where is G-String!?!?!?

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