Out Running the World

Out Running the World

Workout Date:





Skidmark, Hamburlar, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 54 degrees & 1 mph wind

Corvid19 has effected every facet of American Life. Schools are closed, people are self-quarantining, borders are closed, social-distancing is in full effect, “Dogs and cats living together, Mass Hysteria!!” It has gotten so dire that the entire F3 region has officially shut down. Qs are responsible to post the WOD on Slack and PAX are encouraged to self-administer the pain. No one is watching (except maybe OneCall), it is truly You v. You.

PAX are encouraged to workout alone or only in small groups and that is exactly what PAX all over the region did today. There were Ruckers, there were virtual beatdowns, there were bikers in the driving rain, there were lone wolfs, and there were Hulkamaniacs!! #ISI.

This thing called F3 changed each one of us and none are willing to give it up!! The times, numbers, and locations may have changed but the mission has not! (Plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership!!)

For the Hulkamaniacs, Skidmark got the conversations started last night on Slack and Hamburglar immediately answered the call. YHC was late to the convo, but HC’d just the same. The day was different (Tuesday) the start time was different (5:30), the location was different but the energy of F3 remained the same.

YHC was last to commit but first to arrive. Then came Skidmark. Light stretching commenced per protocol as we waited for Hamburglar to complete the PAX. At 5:30 Skidmark sent out a text and we waited for another minute or two. There was no response and no headlights in the distant Gloom so we lit the lamps and off we went.

At first our pace was slow, however, by the middle of the bridge our pace remained slow, and for the rest of the run our pace was slow. YHC’s 50 year old legs felt heavy and tired. Skidmark feigned sluggishness, too, just so he didn’t leave YHC in the dust!!

As we traversed the Bridge we pondered why good runners run around for fifteen to 30 minutes before a race. Then realized that they are not wasting energy but are actually loosing up; noting that it takes us about 1 mile before we get into a comfortable stride. Maybe next race we’ll actually implement this novel idea (along with more than 30 seconds of stretching), Ha, Ha!!

At the base of the Bridge we stayed straight and ran through the Grove until it parrelled 17 Bypass, there we turned left until intersecting with 61st Avenue North. We turned west on 61st Avenue and ran to the turn-a-bout then took a right onto Marina Parkway.

We ran north on Marina Parkway until the 23 minute mark, then turned around and ran back towards the YMCA. We discussed many varied thing this a.m. but the documentary, “Pandemic”, was a highlight of the list. Who knew that migratory birds carry disease all across the world and eventually infect chicken populations which in turn infect humans?

Anyways, the time flew by and before we knew it we were back at the base of the Bridge. We kept our steady, slow pace (no second or third gear today) and ambled up and over the waterway. Skidmarked reminisced that when he began running on Hulkamania Fridays, he had many o’ thoughts (#StPatricksDay) of jumping off the bridge, ‘because it had to be better than running it!! But now after many training sessions he loves the exhilarating thrill of running, especially up & over the Bridge!!

We got back to the Hulk right on time and hung out chatting for another 15 minutes wondering whether or not Hamburglar made it to Hulkamania.  Skidmark checked his pre-run message and saw that Hamburglar did indeed reply saying, “On my way”. As went to enter our trucks to leave, we noticed Hamburglar’s car tucked away in the Gloom. . . Sorry Brother, hope you had a good run, though!!!

Until next time. . . Keep your head in the Clouds and your feet on the ground!!



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